I am giving you a very brief idea on what are the basic questions that could be asked in an Interview for Technical Writer. These questions and answers are just a brief overview. You can amend your answers as according to your choice. I have done enough research to find the appropriate answers, however there is no hard and fast rule that only these answers are best suited for the questions.

What do you understand by Technical Writing?      i

Technical Writing is a process of conveying information to the end user in such a way that it is both readable as well as understandable.

                In short, Technical Writing= Writing + Technology.

What does a Technical Writer Do?

  Technical Writers design and edit proposals, manuals, WebPages and other technical documents. They convey difficult and complex concepts in a simplified manner with the proper use of punctuation, syntax ans styles.

How have you improved yourself as a Technical Writer?

Being a Technical Writer, I have

  • Sharpened my troubleshooting skills.
  • I solve technical problems a good part of the day.
  • I get the opportunity to experiment, explore and test how software functions.

What are the goals achieved by you as a Technical Writer?


  • I have helped my users find technology solutions to a particular task on a global scale to perform their tasks more efficiently and powerfully.
  • I have organized complex topics and communicated concepts clearly and concisely.
  • I have used technology to further our Organization’s mission.

What are the events that take place during the documentation planning?

The various events taking place are:

  1. Starting of the project.
  2. Performing the user analysis.
  3. Designing the documents.
  4. Writing the project plan.
  5. Conducting, reviewing and testing the documents.
  6. Revising and editing the final draft.
  7. Conducting a field evaluation.

What are the steps that need to be taken before starting the project?

The various steps are:

  1. Set your goals.
  2. Write concept specification.
  3. Design some possible implementation.
  4. Conduct usability testing on the prototypes.
  5. Write the requirement specification.
  6. Estimate project duration and resources.

What is Single Source Publishing?

In single sourcing, the same content can be used in various documents as well as in numerous formats. It reduces the labor cost as well as the expensive work of editing. The editing needs to be carried out only on a single document and that too only once. Further, proceedings are carried out by the automated tools specified for a particular format.

What is Collaborative Authoring?

        When the production of a document takes place in such a way that the activity of more than one author is involved, then it is known as Collaborative Authoring. In this case, discussions, arguments, analyses and debates are followed by, among the authors to produce the document in a most effective and collaborative way.

   As Technical Writers are assumed to have a very good communication as well as writing skills, the following grammar related questions may follow:tw

        Rephrase the sentences and correct any grammatical mistakes that might be present.


         Explain any one of the following, writing appropriate steps, to a layman.

For e.g.

   How to open a free goggle account?

   What are steps involved in preparing a meal?

Explain any one of the following to a blind person.

For e .g.



Statue of Liberty


You would be given a screenshot and you will be asked to explain the screenshot to the user?


For e.g.


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