First of all one must understand what is the meaning of the piracy. There are people out there who sell the products of the other companies for their own benefit without getting the permission of the real manufacturer. There are so many websites online where you can download free music and then you can put it in your computer or mobile phone and then you can listen to it for as much long time as you want. 

Internet piracy:  Internet piracy is a very big problem these days because there are so many industries that are getting affected by it. After the advances in the technology it has become so easy for the pirates. If you want to sell a book then make its pdf file and put in on a website to sell it. If you want to sell a song then simply upload it on the website. 

If you buy or download your products online this way then I want to warn you that you are not helping anyone, neither yourself, manufacturer and neither that pirate who has uploaded it for you. If you want to gain anything in life then the most important thing is the honesty, and if it is lacking then you will not get the good results out of it.

Remember Eklavya from the Mahabharat, he learned the skills from the Dronacharya without his permission and he lost his thumb. He was not allowed to get the education no matter for what reason.  Honesty is the best policy if you don't have it in you then you are going to have a feeling of guilt and it will kill you till death.

On the other hand when we do something honestly it gives us 100% satisfaction and you feel proud of yourself. The best thing is this that you will get the full benefit of the product because person don't value the things which don't have a price tag on it. If you buy a product you understand its importance and you use it to its full potential.

When you buy a song online it will have a soothing effect on your ears and mind and on the other hand if you download it illegally you will waste your time and then you will waste yourself. 

Stop internet piracy: So what can you do to stop the internet piracy of the music ?

I think the best thing you can do is delete all those pirated version of the songs which you have put in your computer system and on your mobile phone and then buy the songs online from the online store like and then listen to them and see the difference by yoyurself. 

You can not stop everyone but yourself only so start it from you and world will change with you. 

Advantages of onile shopping on mp3:

There are some advantages which you will get if you buy the music online in digital form:

(1) You can start listening to it just a few seconds later after you order it. 

(2) You are helping the environment because the material used in the manufacturing of the Cd's or DVD's is not good for it.

(3) You have more respect for yourself and for the artist whom you are listening, so you will feel much better. In other way, because you are buying the songs so you are helping yourself and also the artist and manufacturer who are involved in its creation.

I have started to buy my favorite music online and I feel very good about it. 

How to buy the mp3:

All you need is an internet connection and a  debit/credit carrd. Go to the online stores like flipkart and search for the music you are looking for in the digital form and then do the payment with you debit card or credit card . If you need more help on this please ask me, I will help you. 

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