In 776 B.C. the Greeks held Games at Olympus Mountain in honor of God Zeus, so the name of Olympic Games was given to them. These were held after every four years. In fact, these were some thing more than games because they included competitions in literature, music, and drama. They continued till 394A.D. one French baron named Pierre de Coubertise revived these games in 1894. The present day character had been given to them in some Olympic games past.


  • 22nd - 1980 - Moscow (Russia)-Misha
  • 23rd – 1984 – Los Angles (America) Sam (eagle)
  • 24 th - 1988 – Seoul (South Korea) Hodori(Dancing tiger)
  • 25 th - 1992 - Barcelona (Spain) Cabbage
  • 26 th - 1996 - Atlanta (America) Votizit
  • 27 th - 2000 – Sydney (Australia) Sis (Platypus) Mile ( Echidna – spiny anteater)
  • 28 th – 2004 - Athens (Greece)
  • 29 Th - 2008- August 2008 Beijing (China).


Next Olympics games will be held in 2012 at London British.


*Olympic flag

Five interwoven circles on the silky white cloth are the flag of Olympic Games. This flag was unfurled at Paris in 1914.


*Olympic Flame

This flame was first lit at `Amsterdam’ in 1928 when Olympic Games were held there. At 1936 Berlin Olympic, the flame in its present form was accepted by all. The torch of his flame is lit by sunrays. This flame is taken to the stadium by the relay runners. Even aero planes and ships are used for carrying this flame.


*The slogan

One principal is of a school near Paris Rev.Fr. Deedan used ``Faster, Higher, Stronger’’ as a Slogan ``Parry the Curbitin’’. Is Liked the hidden meaning of this sentence. This slogan was adopted when the Olympic Games were rejuvenated.


*Olympic symbol (Logo)

Five continents symbolized by the five interlocked circles (Blue, yellow, black, green and red) is the logo of Olympic Games.


*Winter Olympics

As all the games are played on ice, these games are organized only in winter. These are organized every four years. The winter Olympics began in 1924 at Paris.

In the winter Olympics, ice hockey, figure- skating, speed-skating .etc. in all 30 games are played.


Major sports events

A) Olympics: held at global level every four years.

B) The commonwealth sports: These games earlier known as the British Empire Games were converted into the commonwealth games. In the beginning, only 12 countries participated. In 1982 this number went up by over 42. These games are held every four years.

C) Asian games: These games are organized ever 4 years by Asian countries.








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