As an attempt to revolutionize customer relationship and corporate management applications, CRM has been designed to be a unique application that makes it easier to manage all the required information and resources concerning customers, sales and marketing all in one place.  
The CRM software finds its place in many operations in corporate environment including marketing, sales and most prominently customer service. Each of these corporate processes requires significant level of sophistication and organization on part of management and administration as they involve very sensitive data and resources that are vital for an organization. In such situations the CRM presents a clear and automated work flow accomplished with coordination among the relevant resources and processes. 
The CRM when used as a marketing management application presents a high quality of automation and ease of access providing the marketing professionals with segmentation and data clenching tools, campaign management and such other management features. All these features insightfully boost the organizations marketing and analytic capabilities thus increasing the overall productivity of the organization. Most specific features of the marketing management application of CRM include Lead and Response management, Campaign management, Marketing analytics, Data and List management and Planning and Budgeting each having an important role in the marketing sector of an organization. 
The official documentation of CRM presents the software as a sales and customer service automation application apart from a marketing management application that helps to manage and structure the relevant data to achieve faster response times. The CRM also helps in keeping track of the vital financial and sales data of an organization, thus making the robust task of sales management an organized and simple process. As a sales management application The CRM aids in improved sales productivity by providing enhanced functionality of most vital operations like Account Management, Opportunity Management, Lead Management, Sales Team and Territory Planning and Forecasting and Sales Analytics. All these processes when organized and carried out with the CRM software help the organizations to improve the sales lifecycle and improve close rates. 
The CRM is a tool that makes easy interaction with the customers more than just a possibility. Customer communication, interaction, problem resolution and every aspect of pre and post sales could be achieved with minimum effort and cost on part of the organization. A centralized arrangement of customer preferences and activity history along with the relationship management helps in knowing the specific interests of the prospective customer. An automated and consistent follow-up activities help in improving the sales qualification and a clear tab on the customer responses help in accurate productive analysis of the sales and financial activity in the organization. 
Hence the CRM software is undoubtedly a great tool for clear, easy and all round management of customer relationship concerning sales, marketing and both post and pre sales environments. CRM as a highly productive tool from Microsoft sets an industry standard yet again alongside a wide variety of server and corporate applications. 

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