Bittorrent is a file sharing service in which files are shared between different people online called the peers. It is mainly used for sharing larger file. Uploaders (called the seeders) uploads their contents directly to the peers computer. And the downloaders , i.e. the peers also continue to upload the part of files downloaded by them to some other peers, and thats why it is called the peer to peer file sharing service. In this method there is no need of any mainframe storage. Only a tracker is needed which controls the entire file sharing system. Open source softwares like Utorrent, Fasttorrent, Vuge etc. are used to download and upload by using this method.

Though it is extremely helpful for sharing larger files, it is being misused by some dirty minds and it is used as a tool for piracy. Piracy of movies, piracy of music, piracy of  books, softwares and so on. New released stuffs are easily found in those sites without spending a single penny. As a result, industry isfacing a huge loss of money.

These websites are earning huge amount of money using these pirated stuffs. These sites should be completely banned to prevent the piracy.

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