According to World Health Organization one of the most serious threats to the issue of global health care is the fight against Superbug.

What are Superbugs?

  • Superbugs are bacterium that carry multi-resistant genes and hence they can be no longer killed with current spectrum of antibiotics.
  • Superbugs are resistant to multiple antibiotics and are able to survive long and mutate and pass on their characteristics to other bacterium.

Main concern:

  • The main reason for the development of Superbug is the unchecked use of antibiotics.Patients usually do not follow the prescribed dosage of antibiotics and hence the bacterium develops resistance against the antibiotics.The next time when patient suffers through the infection he can't be treated with the same range of antibiotics as it becomes ineffective.
  • If this trend continues then it could lead to superbugs that could cause untreatable infections.

Spread of antibiotic resistance:

  • Animals are treated with antibiotics and their unchecked usage develops resistance in bacteria which stays in their guts
  • When human beings consume animal meat which is not handled properly or cooked properly, the antibiotic resistant bacteria enter the human body.
  • Fertilizer and water containing animal faeces when spread on crops pass the antibiotic resistant bacteria to crops and from crops they spread to human beings and other animals who feed on them.
  • As we live in society, this bacteria continues to spread from one person to another.

Antibiotics was the revolutionary invention in the field of health care, it saved millions of lives.However the development of antibiotic resistant bacteria has raised concern among health experts.Antibiotic resistance is being passed on easily and there is a fear of widespread of superbugs rendering diseases to become untreated.World Health Organization is afraid of post antibiotics world where loads of bacteria would be superbugs. Superbugs are becoming powerful and widely spreading and fearing the medical experts of untreated infections.Researchers have found humans in USA that are resistant to last slot of antibiotics and this has actually created panic among medical experts.Already there are many diseases such are tuberculosis, HIV AIDS, gonorrhea, pneumonia which are becoming difficult to treat with present set of antibiotics.It is high time to create awareness among about the proper usage of antibiotics.Patients need to be warned to complete the prescribed dosage.The researchers need to rigorously search for next generation of medication otherwise the day would not be far when we will be dying due to untreated  infections. 

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