Word is used to creating the documents. We can create many documents by using word. Some Word options Iam explaining here for your future use. The extension of word document is .doc or .docx.

Ms-Word – Insert Tab

In Insert tab option pages pane is available.

Pages –Pane -Cover Page

This option is used to insert fully formatted cover page. It contains all. You have to enter author name, Title, and Type what the content is needed.

Pages – Blank page

Blank page is used to create the blank page of your own.

Page Break
Page break is used to go for the next page. You wish to finish up your page and wish to go for next means this option is used.


Tables option is used to insert the table. You have to select the number of rows and columns.


Insert Table

Insert table is used to insert the table of your choice. You have to enter the number of rows and columns of your choice.

Draw Table

Draw table option is used to draw the table of your own. Like we drawing in our notebook we can draw table in word also, for that draw table option is used.

Convert text to table

Convert text to table option is used for converting text to table using the separators as commas, tabs and etc. Likewise table to text also available. It will convert table to text.

Excel Spread Sheet

If you wish to insert the excel spread sheet this option is used. Why we need excel spread sheet? In excel we will use formulas and all. Pre-designed tables are available in quick tables option. You can choose it and use it.

Insert Picture

You can insert any type of picture to your word document. You have to choose the picture and click insert.

Clip Art

This is used for inserting clip art – images, sounds to your document.


This option is used to insert the shapes like circle,square, triangle.

Smart Art

Smart art is used for creating block diagrams.


Chart is used to insert the chart to your document.

Tips and Tricks

In Run menu in start option you can type winword means word will open, excel means excel will open, firefox means firefox will open, Iexplorer means Internet explorer will open. This is the easy way of opening the application. Try it out and use it out. Ok.

Yesterday I told one shortcut for shutdown I remain once again Ctrl +Esc + U + U is the easy way of shuting down the computer. Try to use shortcuts more and work efficiently.

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