One of the most important part of the entire statistical method is the collection of statistical data. There are different methods to collect statistical data, among them questionnaire and mail questionnaire methods are two highly used techniques.

Questionnaire Method:

Its is the collection of some well organised questions for enquiring on a particular subject. It is intended to collect some particular information about the mass.Many people act together to prepare a questionnaire and it is reviewed and scrutinized several times to make it error free.

A questionnaire should be so designed that :

  1. Questions should be in simple language so that it can be easily understandable.
  2. The questions must not be irrelevant to the subject.
  3. It is expected to have Multiple choice type questions.
  4. There should not be too many questions otherwise the responder may tend to fill faulty answers.
  5. Questions must be unambiguous.
  6. There should not be too personal questions.

Mail questionnaire method:

It is also a kind of questionnaire method but here the questionnaire is not directly given to the responder, rather they are sent to previously chosen individuals via mail. A letter describing the purpose of the questionnaire and requesting the individual to fill and submit it within a stipulated date is attached with it. Instructions for filling the questionnaire are also written there.
This method has some advantages:
  1. In this method personal questions can also be asked as the privacy of the responder is maintained and hence they can properly answer those questions.
  2. Money and manpower requirements are less.
  3. There is no chance of interviewer's bias.
  4. It is not a very time consuming process.
This method have certain disadvantages too:
  1. There is a chance of large amount of non-response.
  2. Laymen can not be interrogated in this method.
  3. Some individual may post some improper or partially filled response.

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