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The sphere is a highly specialized one with great prospects in India and abroad. From schools to hospitals and industries to multinational companies, all are seeking the professional services of psychologists today.

“Rita aged seventeen sees a man named Jim at her mother’s funeral that she likes very much, but does not approach or speak to. After two days Rita’s sister is dead and Rita is found out to be culprit. The answer as deciphered by criminal psychologists first and later criminal psychologists first and later admitted to her, is both bizarre and starling. Rita admits that she killed her sister, “thinking that when there would be a second funeral for her sister the man Jim would come again and she could see him. While it leaves a sane person in cold sweat, it is something that psychologists would attribute as ‘natural to a criminal mind. Psychologists often colloquially called ‘mind readers’ and; mind doctors,’ are professionals qualified and skilled to use research and examination techniques, to study and understand physical, cognitive and social dimensions of the human and behavior.


Necessary attributes required to be a psychologists are excellent interpersonal skills, practicality and logic, power to observe human behavior, strong analytical skills, a mentally and emotionally strong mind, mature attribute, good communication ability, sensitivity compassion, professionalism, leadership ability and patience. Moreover the ability to work independently, motivate patients and boost their self confidence, through knowledge of the subjects and techniques, a pleasant nature and soothing manner, are very useful here.

Qualification and training

The fields like any other holds maximum prospects for those who can suitably qualify themselves. While the subjects is taught as early as at the plus two level, even those who do not have such a background and want to pursue it in graduation can do so. A bachelor degree with honors in the subject will only qualify one to serve in junior or assistant levels, within the sphere, since to become a professionals psychologists an individual’s needs a Masters degree in psychology only after one which one becomes eligible for jobs in companies and industrials environments. However it is an M.phil or Ph.D in the subject that opens up plentiful opportunities for clinical and counseling psychologists besides opening up opportunities for further research and teaching.

Job profile and career aspects

While majority psychologists practice independently as consultants or counselors, other work in counseling teaching, testing, research and administration position in private, government and non-government organizations,. The establishment is from schools, colleges, universities, counseling centre, industrial unit to company departments. Specialization are highly recommended in the field and may be done in clinical psychology, counseling psychology, school psychology, industrial psychology and organizational psychology, development psychology, social psychology and experiment or research psychology. Depending of their area of work and specialization their job may involve varied task. These vary from screening patients, helping and training them to deal with personal crisis, giving diagnostic tests and providing psychotherapy. This apart, they are often also involved in testing, training and counseling applicants for jobs, performing, organizational development and analysis and collaborating with physician to develop and implement treatment.

Pros and cons

The sphere is a highly specialized with great prospects in India and abroad. From schools, to hospitals and industries to multinational companies, all are seeking the professional services of psychologists today. Good job and self employment prospects, high financial rewards, the thrill of reading another’s mind, and power to set a disturbed mind at peace, are some of the biggest attractions of this field. However, the sphere involves constant interaction with depressed and troubled people going through problem from divorce, loss of loved one to drug abuse. Chances of feeling mentally or even emotionally drained out are thus high here. This may increase also due to overwork, early burnout, high pressure, and understaffing in organizations.


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