India blessed with a unique culture heritage. We must learn to understand, enjoy and protect it. As Indians it is our duty to protect, promote and preserve our literature, monuments, arts and crafts and language. A part of our history lies in them. These rich traditions instill a sense of pride in us. They make us aware of our roots and teach us to respect the skill, wisdom and achievements of our ancestors.

There are different aspects to our heritage.

  • Natural heritage – forests, rivers, mountains, plants and animals are all a pert of our heritage. This is our natural wealth and we are largely dependent on it. Our lives are linked together like chain and if we destroy even one of these, we would be harming ourselves. So we must do our best to look after the wealth that nature has bestowed on us.
  • Built heritage – buildings, monuments and public places comprise out built heritage. It is our duty to protect and preserve temples, mosques and historical monuments as they are proof of our cultural heritage. They throw light on past societies, their way of life and economy.
  • Living heritage – literature and all art forms such as music, dance and handicrafts have come down to us over several generations. We are blessed with a diverse culture and a variety of culture traditions. We must take interest in them and help them to survive.


All these are our common treasure. Just as religion, family, food and festivals influence you, so do the living traditions of your country. It is the duty of all Indians to respect these aspects and do their best to preserve and protect them.


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