There are some children in the school who are always liked by other children as well as teacher. Do you want to be like them?

Why not! There are a few things that you should be careful about. If you can do these, you can be the best child.

School assemble

Always come to the school on time. Attend the prayer or assembly earnestly. Sing the prayer and national Anthem with concentration. Then go to the class in a queue without making a noise. Wait for the teacher and open the books according to the time table.

In the classroom

Carefully listen to the teacher. Sit erect and be attentive.

Do not talk to other students in the class.

If the class teacher asks a question stand up and politely answer. Or raise your hand if you know the answer. If you have to go out of the class for some reason, ask softly and then go out. Come back to the class noiselessly when you have finished the work.

Cleanliness in the school

If you use a pen be very carefully about not sprinkling the ink by shaking your pen. If you or some one else has done that, pick up a wet duster and clean the floor immediately. Do not scribble on the walls of the school or the toilets.

Do not throw wrappers of the chocolates here and there. If some one else has thrown, pick them up and throw them in the dust bin. If you are required to help for arranging or picking up chairs or benches, or you have a duty of cleaning, do it happily. Do not shirk such work. This is also as important a training as are your studies.

Keep your books and note books properly in you bag. Take a good care of your books. You should not tear them off or spoil them.

Speak to every one including the peon, helpers, gardener, bus driver and conductor politely.

If you come to the school in a bus, do not do any pranks in the bus.

You may be sometimes taken to the library. Library is place for reading the books.

You must not talk there. If at all you have to ask something speak very softly.

It is not a meeting place for friends. If you meet a friend there, you should not start speaking loudly. Keep the books of the library very carefully.

1) you should never tear the pages of the books

2) do not mark the pages of the books nor fold them

3) return the books of the library on or before the due date









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