What is life style

Human life is unique. Unlike animal, man does not live on food only. His life consists of diverse activities that include work, entertainment and other family and social activities. Every one has a unique attitude towards life and society, work and rest, family and society. All have different likes and dislikes. This makes all the difference. How one lives is life style. Thus some have simple life while others' life style may be more luxurious. some are workaholics whereas others like to spend more time on sight seeing, entertainment and socializing.

Entertainment is an important aspect of life style

An individual devotes his time towards work, rest, pleasure, entertainment, social and other activities. Some are workaholics. They spend very less time to entertainment. For them work itself is entertainment. Many eminent scientists and other highly successful men in different fields are in this category.

What is entertainment 

There is a saying- All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. But what is entertainment?  This is nothing but a break from regular work and diversion. Thus if you work in office, you may play badminton after office hours. This is entertainment. But this is not entertainment for a professional player. His entertainment differs. He may read some books as an entertainment. Song may be entertainment for a player but this is work for a professional singer. Thus everything is work as well as entertainment. Thus entertainment is nothing but a break from regular work. There is diversity in every work. One may entertain himself or rather relax by changing his current task. He may just postpone the current task and take up another one. This is also relaxing and a sort of entertainment.  

Entertainment depends on state of technology 

In ancient times, kite flying, bull fighting, crow fighting, Kabbadi and Kho Kho were sources of entertainment. Devotional songs and Kawalis entertained people. But with invention of modern gadgets like radio, television, cinema, multimedia phones and computers, Internet, there came a revolution. Now a simple device mobile phone is not only a source of communication but also a great entertainer with camera, ring tones, music. Now one may remain attached all the time to his mobile phone for all business needs, family communication as well as entertainment 

How mobile phone changed life style 

Mobile phone has enabled people to be in constant touch with family and business clients round the clock. This has enhanced efficiency and reduced the need to move to different places. Now you may do many things by click of mouse. Internet banking and many other online facilities made this possible. An advertisement says- The smart people use mouse and not accelerator.  

Modern gadgets bridged gap between work and entertainment; family and business; residence and office 

Thanks to modern gadgets like mobile phone and Internet, one is always in contact with business as well as family. This is not an unmixed blessing. This affected concentration on work and also family responsibility. There is an old proverb- work while you work and play while you play. But the modern gadgets have habituated people to work and play simultaneously. They attend to family phones when in office and deal with business clients when at residence. There is no time schedule. There is no proper sleep even. In absence of mobile  phone, one divided his time properly between family and work. Now there is very thin dividing line between work and family, work and entertainment and so on. Needless to say this has changed life style very negatively. One can do justice neither to job nor to family nor to other social responsibilities.

The way out

The only remedy is to make a judicious use of modern gadgets. There is need to recognize the difference between mobile phones and fixed phones. The fixed phones at home and office are common phones for the establishment/ family whereas mobile phone is personal. The phone calls in office should be on fixed phones only and those by family friends on fixed phone at residence. Mobile phones should not be used for common office or business establishment as well as common family relatives. These are only for personal friends and spouses/ children. Moreover, office timings must be fixed and all phone calls from or to office for business purpose should be only during business hours. Similarly, there should be least contact with family during business hours. This is the sure way to avoid hyper tension and anxiety as well as over work. There is no sense in attending to business on your mobile phone when you are on a holiday trip or talkng to your spouse on next honemoon during busniess hours. However one may make exception in very rare circumstances. 

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