This article is mainly concerned with the basic concepts which you can adopt to make a girl fall for you.   1. Confidence: I know you would have heard this many times. Still it is of great importance. Confidence is not about showing-off yourself. Show her how cool you are and make her to notice you for your cool attitude. 2. Smile: Laughter and love are closely related. Have a good humour sense. Make her laugh. But dont be cheesy. 3. Friendship: No matter what people say, there is nothing like love at first sight nowadays. Even if u like her at the very first sight, you should maintain constant contacts with her to get her. Call her often, text her. After a while you will be surely able to judge whether she is really interesrted in you. 4.Love her interests: Start noticing and loving her interests and get her to talk about this more and more. Get her to talk more in her comfort zone. 5.Eye contact: Maintining good eye contact is very important if you really love her. Dont stare at her or she will let you down at the very first moment. 6. Be there for her: Always be there for her when she is going through really tough situations. 7. Personality: Maintain your own character. Dont try to act like film stars. Be who you are ! Maintain good hygiene, eat good food, workout often and have a great smile. Note: Love cannot be always successful. We can see people around us who change lovers month after month. Just wait for the right moment and everything will happen. For those who are single, dont worry, someone better is waiting for you. For those who are in a relationship, dont cheat each other and maintain your relationship.

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