All will observe us by looking our face. All wish to maintain their face very good and beautiful. Because face is the Index of the mind. We can know the thoughts of others by seeing the face. Face is the key element of our body. In this article we can take a look at, how to keeping our face fresh and bright. 

Rice Powder Paste

Rice powder paste is used for creating glow in your face. Take the rice flour. Take 5 teaspoons from it, and you can mix with water till you get smooth paste. Apply you apply the paste in your face, neck and hands. After 30 minutes you can wash your face. This paste is very, very good for glowing your skin and face. It will renders the complexion. 

 It will act against the pimples in our face. This mixture we can apply for any type of face. We can use instead of soap also. 


Honey is playing a important role for glowing our face. Apply it for 45 minutes, and wash it off. Your face will glow. 

Orange Peel

orange peel

Orange peel is used for removing dark circles. Grind the orange peel and apply it for 20 minutes after that take a bath or wash it off your face. Your face will glow and it will get brightness

Mashed Ripe Banana


We can apply mashed ripe banana into our face. It is very, very good to keep our skin very smooth. 

Tomato Juice

Mix tomato juice with honey and apply on to our face for 30 minutes. Wash your face with warm water, then your face will be looking beautiful. You will get a fresh looking face. Try to use it for weekly thrice it will be very beneficial. 

Maintaining our face glow

Balanced Diet

Eat Balanced diet of food from all groups of food. You should take a healthy diet for to keep your skin healthy. It will give natural glow in your face. So try to eat balanced diet everyday. It will good for your skin. 

Eat More Vegetables and Fruits

Eat more vegetables and fruits. You can take apple, watermelon, orange, and other fruits daily. It will good for your skin. 

Water Consumption

Consume an enough water daily. It will good for natural glow. Consumption of good water prevent more problems. 

Chemical Products

Avoid using chemical products. It will affect your face. Try to use natural products more and keep your face glow and more fresh. We can spend more for chemical products. But Natural products less in cost and good for our skin. 

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