What is sleep? Most of us will say it a routine process which we do daily for at least 8 hours. We consider sleeping as an activity which is either interesting or boring but have you ever thought seriously about the science behind sleeping? Your body tells you to sleep and you sleep but do you really know the importance of sleep?  We have plans for everything in our life but do you have a plan for sleeping? Most of us don't have answers for the above questions. So let us look at some solutions:

1. Lack Of Sleep

A person should sleep at least 8-hours daily but we are so busy with ourselves that we forget this basic rule. Most of us mix up our sleeping time with chatting or surfing the net. This lack of sleep has adverse effects on our well being. People who sleep less than 6-hours are at a greater risk of problems like depression, obesity, stress and even fatal heart diseases.

2. The Sleeping Plan

Before you start a plan for your sleeping, you should be conscious about your health and should know the basic art of time management. It should be like a timetable and whatever happens don't mix up other activities with your sleeping time. The basic plans are:

a. We all have the habit of watching TV before going to sleep but it should avoided. Don't indulge in chatting or surfing the net before going to sleep.

b. Eat 2-hours before going to sleep and the meal should not be a heavy one because it activates your stomach which in turn activates the brain and spoils your sleep.

c. A lot of people prefer drinking before going to sleep thinking that they will get a heavenly sleep but this notion is absolutely wrong. Alcohol is a depressant and it will definitely effect your sleeping pattern.

d. Try to avoid the use of sleeping pills as much as possible because they are addictive and can make you anxious with prolonged use.

e. Don't indulge in heavy weight lifting exercises because it can increase your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) and can give you a sleepless night.

If you have a good sleeping plan then you will sleep naturally and instantly the time you hit the bed and even doesn't need a wake up alarm to get up.

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