Time waits for no man. As it passes by it gives wrinkles on everyone’s face as signals. For many people it shows its colours earlier while some others may remain young even at their fifties and it depends on some genetic traits too. Yet, age begins its mischief at 30’s. Collagen is a group of proteins found in cells which promotes the growth of healthy muscles and it's an anti-aging agent. Loss of collagen and fall in blood circulation rate are the main reasons for aging of skin. Collagen treatment gives a solution to both. It restores the lost collagen and also helps in catalyzing blood circulation, making cells more active and energetic. This treatment can be done in normal beauty parlours and gets quick results too. Main advantage of this beauty treatment is that it retains skin structure and reduces the elasticity of skin by lifting it up and makes it stiffer. Thus it prevent skin from hanging downwards – a sign of aging. Also, through this treatment causes improvement a lot to skin’s brightness and keep it fresh.

How is it done?

colagen1It’s done almost similar to normal facials except ingredients used and cool compression procedure. Like normal beauty treatments, after cleaning the face scrub is applied and massaging done to make your face clean, look brighter and to increase blood circulation. Yet, the ingredients used are different and a bit expensive too. Let me explain step by step. First step is to clean the face and neck using some dehydrating cleanser. Cleansers may be used according to skin type. Next step is to scrub the face and neck with detoxifying exfoliator cream. While scrubbing the eyes it should be gentle massaging only and this process helps in the removal of dead cells of the skin. Scrub the face for 4-5 minutes and clean it with moist cotton. Since minute granules are present in the scrub cream, this process makes skin well polished and clean. Now you can apply steam on your face by using a steamer or vapouriser to open the pores wider. It helps to remove white heads and black heads more easily, the next step. Now your skin will be prepared for real treatment – the massaging.

Massaging is the most important part of any facial treatment. Wrong strokes can make your facial muscles and skin hang downwards. So, it’s to be noted that only upward strokes, starting from lower side of chins should be done. For this treatment collagen cream is used for massaging which contain glycerin and grape extracts. Again, only smooth massaging of eyes. Applying ice water or ice gives more refreshment and it acts as a strain reliever too. Give more time to massaging. It deeply reflects on your skin too. That’s why for expensive facials like gold, pearl and diamond, more time is given for this step.

When massaging is completed, special collagen pack is applied. This pack contain moisturizer, whitening serum, Vitamin C, grape extracts and a few more beauty extracts to keep your skin young. Apply this pack on face and neck and allow it to dry for 20 minutes to half hour. Avoid its contact with eyes. Instead place two cool cucumber pieces sliced, with eyes closed.

Cool compression after treatment

In normal facial treatments, once the facial pack dries, it’s washed gently with cool water and treatment is finished. But in the case of collagen treatment, one step still remains. It is cool compression to promote proliferate repair. Once it’s done, you can apply sun screen lotion to avoid exposure to sun light.

Skin treatment is not completed yet

Normal facials complete with cleaning of facial pack with cool water and applying some face lotion. It’s also instructed not to use soap for a day and to avoid exposure to heat and sun light for next two three days. Real reflection of treatment will be visible only after two days. It’s for any normal facial treatment. But in the case of collagen treatment, some extra care is also needed.

Antioxidant rich diet

After collagen treatment the person should take care in her diet too. She should supply a lot of antioxidants to her body through her diet. So, include more fruits and colourful vegetables. Many dieticians also suggest rainbow food after collagen treatment. Antioxidants are highly available in carrot, tomato and many orange coloured fruits. Green tea which is a good supplement of antioxidants can be included in your everyday diet. Just add 3 to 4 cups of green tea without sugar to your diet daily for one month.

Vitamin capsules

Also, it’s needed to include vitamin capsules along with a healthy diet - B complex after breakfast, vitamin C after lunch and vitamin E after night, which is normally prescribed as a part of collagen treatment of middle ages.

Skin food once in a week

It’s nothing but nourishment given to the skin and it can be done at home itself. But it should be done on regular basis at least for one month to get good results of collagen treatment. Soak three almond seeds overnight. Next morning, peel off its skin and grind well. Add four drops of honey, half teaspoon yellow yolk and half teaspoon oats powder to make a mixture. If your skin is dry, you can add a little milk too. Then apply first coat on your face and neck. After 15 minutes it dries well and its contents will be completely absorbed by the skin. Now you can apply one more coat and allow it to dry completely. This skin food not only nourishes your skin but also reduces wrinkles and makes it shine more bright.

So, if you want to get full benefits of collagen treatment you need to strictly follow antioxidant diet, vitamin supplements and skin food treatment for your face at least for one month. Even if you can’t find time to go to a parlour for this treatment, giving preference to fruits and vegetables can of course help you to stay young for long. Also keep your skin fresh and clean by cleaning it with fresh water at least three to four times a day.

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