From sports to creating a green environment, improving health while saving your economy, improving your muscles while gaining some entertainment or fun are some of the benefits of cycling. Yes, in this article I will share a few important facts and advantages of cycling. Are you obese, hypertensive, work in 4x4 cubicle/ confined to four walls most of the day? Come out of it. Take your bicycle, go for a cool, fun ride. 

Earlier, bicycles were the most common transportation mode in the world. But later, after the invention of motorcycles and cars, bicycles have been limited mainly to the race tracks or in the cycle race events. Very few were using bicycles as a means of public transport. In my school days, I used to have my bicycle and I loved to ride it every day. But later when I entered college I got tempted to ride a motorcycle and now I own a car somehow addicted to this busy mechanical life where you get things are done a click of your smartphone and forget exercises and healthy lifestyle. Recently, I visited Nehru zoological park and noticed they were offering bicycles for rent to ride within the park. I just took one and was amazed to ride after more than 20 years in the conserved nature park. I felt very relaxed and had fun riding a bicycle.

There are many green places in our cities where cycling is encouraged. It is also a symbol of one of our political parties in India It relieves from stress, improves posture and coordination, cardiovascular health, muscle strength and flexibility, health benefits of regular cycling. According to recent studies, it is known to maintain body cholesterol levels and also boosts immunity while postponing the process of aging.

One can start as a beginner and with dedicated effort, seriousness and regular training one can achieve professional cycling skills and can participate in cycle race events. Fred Rompelberg, a Dutch cyclist is known to the world with a record position holding for 20 years. He was the fastest in slipstream with a speed of 268.83 km/h. It was only after twenty years the record was beaten up by an American cyclist Denise MK.

Cycles come in different sizes, shapes, and technologies, with or without gears, commuting, Cyclocross BMX, mountain bike.  Depending on your usage one can choose from the range of bicycles available in the market. They not only bring about health benefits but also contribute to the environment by not emitting any harmful gasses, as in fuel backed motor vehicles thereby saving your fuel costs. They are also environmentally friendly, free from air and noise pollutions. In developed countries as more population is using bicycles, the government has come up in creating special lanes for bicycles with trees alongside thereby promoting the environment. Some organizations are also conducting short duration bicycle expedition tours to promote and entertain the public. Cycle rallies are one of the best ways to advertise or take some information into the public in an economical and cost-effective way.  

These days even in Hyderabad, metro rail is encouraging the public to use smart bikes a smartphone application through which you can get access to bicycles from the metro rail station to the allocated specific points of interest. I think it is an excellent scheme introduced by the government and private sectors to encourage public promoting a healthy lifestyle.

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