Irrespective of country and religion mothers all over the world are more worried about giving nutritious food to their kids.As the kids grow they are more interested in playing and they lose interest in having healthy food.The children always prefer to have food which is different in taste, colour and texture. So, it is the mother's responsibility to prepare food which is in par with the junk food(pizza,macroni,burgers) and also it should be healthy and nutritious.It should also meet the daily nutritional requirements of the child.

Here is a mouth watering recipe especially for growing toddlers.This recipe is called "Potato Spinach Cutlet".

Potato              - 250 gms
Spinach           - 1 bunch
Onion               - 1 to 2
Ginger paste    - 1 tea spoon
Garlic paste     - 1 tea spoon
Green chillies   - 2 to 3
Corriander       - as required
Maida               -1/2 cup
Bread crumbs  -as required
Salt                   -as required
Oil                     -as required

1. First of all rinse all the vegetables in running water to remove the dirt  and chemicals.

2. Cut the spinach,onion, green chillies and corriander in to fine pieces.Children prefer small pieces rather than big chunk of vegetables.

3. Boil the potatoes and peel off the skin. Then, mash the potatoes.Keep it aside.

4. Heat the oil in a kadai and add the ginger garlic paste.Saute it for a minute or two.

5. Add green chillies,onion, corriander one after the other and finally add the spinach.Saute it well.

6. It is always good to cook the spinach with the lid uncovered.Do not pressure cook spinach as it will lose its nutrients.

7. Once everything is cooked add the mashed potatoes, saute it for a minute and remove the kadai from heat.

8. Now shape the mixture in the form of small balls.

9. Mix maida with water such that it has a consistency as that of dosa batter.

10.Dip the cutlets in the maida batter and immediately roll it in the bread crumbs spread in a plate.

11.Heat the oil in the kadai and drop the cutlets in to the oil and fry till  it is golden brown.

12. Now the delicious "Potato Spinach cutlet" is ready to eat.

13. Always use tissue papers to remove excess oil.

Now it is time for us to know about some facts about Potato and Spinach.

Potato is rich in carbhohydrates so it enhance us to gain weight.It is easy to digest,so it can be given to babies who are more than 8 months old.As potato is rich in carbohydrates it provides instant energy.It also contains Potassium,Vitamin C and protein which are the daily nutrient requirements we need in our day today life.

We all know onion helps us build the immunity

We often don't allow children to watch cartons. But i still remember the cartoon show "Popeye the sailor Man" in which popeye the hero will eat a bunch of spinach whenever he needs strength and stamina.It is indeed a great idea to make children watch cartoon shows like popeye to educate them the benefits of spinach.Spinach is rich in calcium and fiber.It is a known fact that calcium is required for the strengthening of the bones and fiber is to avoid constipation.So, it is always good to include atleast one leafy vegatable in the food menu to enhance the health of our kids.

Hope you enjoy this recipe!!!

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