Deficiency of vitamin-A

Some children find it difficult to see in the dim light or in the dark. They are said to suffer from night-blindness. The deficiency of vitamin A results in this disease. If night- blindness is not treated in time, it can to total blindness.


  • The eyes become dull and lack luster
  • White triangular patches are seen on the white portion of the eyes
  • The skin becomes dry scaly

Recover and safety

This disease can be prevented by taking food items which are rich in vitamin A. green leaf vegetables, papaya, carrot, milk, eggs, curd, yellow pumpkin and liver are the rich source of this vitamin.

Deficiency of vitamin –B

The deficiency of B-complex vitamins results in certain diseases like beriberi, pellagra etc.


  • Prolonged deficiency of B-complex vitamin results in loss of appetite, fatigue and weakness
  • Cracks at the corners of mouth, red tongue and loss of sensation in the limbs are the other symptoms
  • B- Complex deficiency may slow down the activity of the nervous system

Recover and safety

The deficiency of B- complex vitamin can be overcome by taking sprouted pulses, milk, bread, meat and liver.

Deficiency of vitamin- C

The deficiency of vitamin C results in a disease called scurvy.


  • Spongy and swollen gums
  • Loose teeth and joints
  • Red spots under the skin

Recover and safety

The deficiency of C vitamin can be overcome by taking lemon, orange, guava, Alma.

Deficiency of vitamin – D

The deficiency of vitamin D results in diseases called rickets.


  • The wrists are found swollen
  • Soft and weak bones
  • Bow shaped legs
  • Bulging of backbone
  • Beading of ribs

Recover and safety

The deficiency of D vitamin can be overcome by taking fish, eggs, shark silver oil, cheese and milk. Exposure to sunlight is the cheapest source of this vitamin.

Mineral deficiency diseases

Iron deficiency

Anemia is caused due to deficiency of iron. Weakness, loss of appetite and paleness are the symptoms of this disease. Food rich in iron and iron tablets can cure this disease.

Calcium deficiency

Deficiency of calcium results in dental decay.



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