Dieting is important thing to have healthy body and life style. Controlling our food habits is quite necessary to stay away from any kind of disease and health issues. When I am talking about dieting it surely doesn’t mean crash dieting as it is also not good for health in few ways. But dieting or controlling food is important just as exercising. If one is having over weight then only exercising or dieting cannot help that much, he/she have to maintain both in same way. So only concentrating on exercise with unhealthy eating habit will surely not give you output as you want. You have to mix up some dieting chart with your exercising to get fast and good result.

Controlling diet is not an easy task especially for those who love to eat. So leaving their regular eating habit and maintaining proper diet for long is too difficult. Most of the people stop their diet after a week or more. And this is the most common thing and problem seen during the dieting period. Well there are few ways which can help you to control this diet, which I came to know from my few family members. These ways can help you out to control your food habit at certain level. Let’s see them.

Do some actual work to divert your mind: This is the basic and normal thing among all people. When people have no work to do and they are totally free then they always sense hunger, especially when they are on diet. So better to keep working on something. Whenever you feel like hunger just divert your mind on some physical or mental activity so that you don’t think about eating. Let me tell you this is the best way for controlling hunger. I have seen people just forgot about eating when they are on some work. So whenever you feel like it, try to divert your mind for some activity, it will definitely help you to control your hunger. In the end if you don’t find any suitable work for you then you can go for walk if time is suitable. This will also divert your mind from the hunger sensation. So try to divert your mind into something.

Eat healthy food: When you are on diet you must avoid unhealthy food in any case. You can go for healthy food like fruit and salad, which can also fulfill your hunger. Of course they will not taste like those junk foods, but it will definitely help you to keep you fit and healthy. So whenever you feel hunger and you don’t have any kind of work then you can make yourself happy by eating those healthy foods which will not make you fat but will keep you healthy.

Eat in parts: Never eat in the ratio of how much you are hungry. I mean always keep your stomach little empty. You can always eat next time. In fact you should eat in parts. Eat 4 to 5 times in a day but not full your hunger completely. By this way you will able to manage your hunger in remaining time of the day. So don’t full fill your hunger at one time instead of that try to eat in parts. 

Don’t eat in front of TV: This is the common advice which you will hear from many people. I was reading somewhere on the internet that as per some surveys people always used to eat more than normal when they are eating in front of TV. Most of the time you will not notice the amount of food you are taking when you are in front of TV. So it is advisable that do not take food in front of TV. In fact when you will avoid TV during eating you will eat less for sure in compare of normal. So keep this thing in mind too.

Drink more water: Whenever you feel hunger you can drink one or two glass of water. Well, this will surely help you to control your hunger for time being. Drinking more water is good for health too. So by this way you can achieve two goals together. So drink plenty of the water to control your diet and it will help you in other ways too.

Try to find some company: This may be sounds funny. But doing dieting alone is little harder. But it can be little easy when you have someone who is doing the same thing as you. Well this thing works in almost all section, for example reading in group is always more good in compare of reading alone. Same thing goes for this section too. If you have someone with you then it would feel little better and easy. If you are the only person at your home that is dieting or controlling food habit, then it will be hard for you when you see other members eating those regular foods. But if you have someone with you then this task will be little easy for both of you. And yes because of competition nature you both will do better too. So if you can manage accompany for you then it would be best.

Take a holiday from your diet: Well, if you are doing dieting or controlling your food properly then you deserve the break. So you can always take holiday of one day. You decide the day, whatever once in a week or two week. You can eat whatever you want and like. Let me tell you one day will not give you any bad effect for you dieting. In fact this will fulfill your food liking. So you will not miss your food too much. Let me tell you doing dieting continuously without break can breakdown your moral at some stage. Instead of that taking holiday once in a week or two week will make it easier for you. And also if you know that you can eat whatever you like on certain day then you can control your eating habit more strongly.

So this is it. I don’t know how much these idea can help you. But may be few of them can work for you. Doing dieting and controlling our food habit is not an easy task. It really needs efforts and so much control. Hope this will help you somehow. 

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