Spicy Rice flour crispies


Rice powder – 1kg

Spicy roasted chick peas – 100g

Bengal gram -100g

Moon dal– 100g

Caju – 50g

Chili powder – 3 spoons

Salt - 2 spoons

Butter – 4 spoons

Oil – according to the requirement

Preparation time – 2hours 10 minutes

Cooking time -10 minutes

Process- Take bowl add Bengal gram , moon dal and water .

Let them soak for 2 hours.

Now grind the spicy roasted chick peas into powder.

Then take wide bowl.

Add Rice powder, then soaked mixture, caju salt, chili powder,

Rice roasted chick peas, butter and mix all them thoroughly.

Now make this mixture into small balls.

Then place a pan add some oil in it.

After oil get heated, spread each ball on pan and fry them.

Therefore spicy rice flour crispies.

About Spicy Rice flour crispies:

This very healthy snack. We can have it any time. Everyone will love to have it especially kids. We can have this with the combination of Tomato sauce and chili sauce, we can even have it without any combination also but taste will be amazing. This snack is a south Indian famous one, especially in Andhra Pradesh. While preparing this snack we should take that the Bengal gram and green soak well as mention of 2hours. We should even be careful that they properly so that they will be much yummy.

I hope you prepare this and enjoy the taste. Thank you.




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