An asthma attack is a condition when the symptoms of asthma cause a tightening of muscle around your airways and cause them to be inflammed with thicker mucus. The lining of the airways gets swollen and the person has a difficulty in breathing. There is wheezing, coughing, and a basic problem to perform everyday activities. Mucus production, bronchospasm, and inflammation are common problems during asthma.

Symptoms of asthma include many signs which range from simple cold to a heavy chest. Severe wheezing when the person breathes in and out. Coughing that never stops. There is very heavy and rapid breathing. The muscles of the chest and neck tighten and re called retractions. The face becomes pale and sweaty. The fingernails and lips become blue. The symptoms worsen institute of medications. Doctors and dieticians worry a great deal about the patients who eat a lot and do not exercise, as they get breathless. Such people become overweight. Some asthma medications cause a lot of stomach infections and other problems which lead to a poor appetite. Some people have an asthma attack with a periodic trigger Mild asthma is common in general and the airways open up after some time thus giving relief. Severe asthma attacks last for a longer time.

Asthma attacks have to be treated properly and on time. Without immediate treatment, the breathing becomes very difficult. Wheezing becomes louder and there is a peak flow during an asthma attack. When your lungs tighten during an asthma attack, you will not be able to see the main flow at all. The lungs tighten so much that enough movement is not there to produce the wheezing. Such conditions are called silent chest.

To recognize the early signs of asthma attack you have to be able to understand the signs and symptoms of asthma.
Early asthma symptoms are very severe and stop you from your everyday activities. There are many early signs of an asthma attack like frequent cough at night. There is a decrease in the peak flow of meter readings. The person feels very weak and tired when they exercise. People suffering from asthma show signs of allergies and cold like a runny nose, cough, nasal congestion and a headache.

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