Everyone one wants to have a beautiful home which may attract people. These days people have less space and how to manage things in that small space is what we call an art. Beauty of home spoils when the things are not properly kept. Also the cleanliness inside and outside is what contributes more. Decorating home is not a difficult task but also not an impossible task one can do it easily if keep in mind the few tips. One should do it in a planned way and do it room by room. In this article I would mention how to decorate different sections of your house:

1. Flooring Decoration tips:

Its one the important thing when it comes to plan flooring in the house as its the basic thing one has to do in the house while construction. There are plenty of options available to have flooring in the house. One has to choose it as per the budget and as per the requirement. Below are some of the floorings one can do in house:

Vinyl tiles:

This is good for kitchens,bathrooms and living rooms. These are not much expensive and easy to maintain. Also if some tiles worn out with the time they can be replaced easily. These are available in variety of colors in the market one can choose these as per the theme of the room. To maintain these tiles shining one can use specialized vinyl cleaning chemical once in a month. One drawback with these vinyl tiles is that with the time dirt get trapped in the cracks and the joint in adjacent tiles which makes them dull otherwise they look beautiful till they are glossy. 

Ceramic tiles:

Most of the people prefer these in bathrooms but these days they even are preferred in other rooms too. Of course they are costly but advantage of this is these can be cleaned up easily and give sort of shine which increase decor of the rooms. Also there are lot of variety available in the market so one can buy these as per the budget and the ones which match with the theme of the room.

Stone floors:

Marble,limestone and other stones are very popular in residential buildings and are preferred as these are cheap,easily available in variety and looks attractive. Also there is no need of placing carpets on marble floors as they look beautiful even without carpets too and one can have a matching background with the walls.

Wooden flooring:

Wooden flooring of course looks better and stylish and if taken care lasts longer. There are lots of patterns available in the market and one can have it in the house fitted with the expert.


Wood lamination are better than wood flooring as the lamination increase the life of flooring. They are available in many colors and in various styles. As they are laminated so they withstand moisture better than the wooden flooring that's why they are preferred over the normal wooden flooring.

Slate tiles:

Slate look like stone but they are better than normal stone cemented flooring as this offers smooth surface with a glossy finish. Also these are available in natural colors and gives sort of natural look to the floor.

Things to consider for flooring:

- Coordination of the color and style of flooring should match with the furniture and the colors of walls in that room as it would look awkward if one doesn't match it.

- One should carefully check the requirement first before doing the flooring in the particular area as one should think of stronger flooring if there is heavy foot traffic in that particular area.

- Similarly the room which has less traffic can have relatively delicate flooring.

- Always remember the thumb rule light colors makes a room seem bigger and dark colors make room seems smaller.

- If one has pets in the house one should have the flooring accordingly.

2. Bedroom decoration tips:

The bedroom is an important place of the house as we spend much of the time in the bedroom. So it should be beautiful and pleasant so that our mind could remain relaxed and happy. One should decorate bedroom also usually people don't give much of attention to the bedrooms as they think no one is going to see it but that's wrong one should decorate bedroom too to have our mind refreshed. Decorating bedroom is much more simple than decorating other parts of the house only thing is one should know what he/she wants to create it. Here are few tips to decorate bedroom:

- We often forget about the ceilings remember nicely decorated ceilings can give a beautiful look to the room. There are variety of false ceilings  available in the market one can have it as per the budget and theme of the room. Ceilings fans,lighting are also the thing one should consider while decorating room as there are decorative lighting available in the market which definitely increase decor of the room.

- It is important to have the furniture in the room as per the space availability. There should be some free space available too as lots of furniture in less space looks bad. There should be enough space in the furniture so that one may easily walk in the room when one may not be feeling sleepy.

- Children's bedrooms should normally be themed as per their interest and hobbies. Also the furniture should be light in children's bedrooms. Bed Sheet,pillow covers should have the prints which may be of their interest.

- Place small piece of carpet near your bed to cushion your feet.

- One must choose a soothing color in the bedrooms as the bright colors does not suit in bedrooms. Colors like blue,green are calm colours and makes our mind calm and relaxed and that's what one should have in the bedroom at least.

- Make sure the lighting of the bedroom should be appropriate like bright light for reading and soft light for relaxing and sleeping.

3. Kitchen decorating tips:

Kitchen is normally a place which is the most difficult place to decorate as this is the busiest place in the home. Spacious kitchen looks lot more attractive than the smaller kitchens but there are lots of things which one can do to make a smaller kitchen too attractive. Though appliances are the main thing which makes kitchen look good but following things are also imperative to keep in mind while decorating kitchen:

- Kitchen cabinets are important things which makes kitchen attractive. There are plenty of options available in the market for cabinets. One can have wooden,steel cabinets and can have open shelves,glass doors or solid doors. One can choose particular style as per the budget and desire. Of Course wooden cabinets give a better look as steel cabinets give more like an industrial look so I would suggest one to go for wooden cabinets rather than the steel cabinets.

- Kitchen lighting is very important as the place of food preparation should have proper lighting.One can have a decorative lights but should ensure that it may emit good amount of light and it may not happen that while thinking of decoration we forget about the main function of it. Pot lights are the better option for lighting in the kitchen.

- Kitchen flooring should be such that if something spills on the floor it may be cleaned easily and may not leave an impression on the floor. If the person has to cook while standing on the floor one may choose bamboo,engineered floor or cork flooring as these are softer than stone. After selecting the material one can choose the color of the flooring that may match with the color and style of the cabinets and color of walls.

 - Cabinet and drawer hard-wares should be such that they match with the color of walls and flooring. One should keep them simple and easy to use. Also one can innovate things like one can have the boxes keeping eatable items matching with the color of walls and can have matching curtains for open shelves.

- And last but not the least one must try to make the kitchen spacious and clean as this makes a kitchen attractive. My opinion is if one may not be having all these cabinets or good flooring but keeping it organised makes it better.

Also there are many simple things one can do in the kitchen to decorate it only thing is one should be creative and think of some thing which may increase its decor.

4. Bathroom decorating tips:

All bathrooms luxurious to traditional bathrooms should have adequate lighting,ventilation,storage facility and fitting and fixtures that are attractive and easy to use. This is the fact as the cost of land is too high so people build bathrooms in small space but its in our hand to make it attractive as few things if we apply to our bathrooms can make it attractive even though they may be small. Below are the tips which one may apply to make bathroom look better:

- Decide color its better not to choose primary colors. One should choose colors which matches with the fittings and the fixture. If one has a bath tub its better to have it matching with the color of the walls.

- Better to have ceramic tiles on the walls too as they look beautiful and don't get effected with the water. Better to have tiles fixed to 3~4 feet above the ground or one can have the bathroom painted with the color matching with fittings and flooring.

- Bathroom mirrors should be of appropriate size and should be hanged on to the wall. Also the lighting in the bathroom should not be above the place where the mirror is placed rather it should be on the opposite wall where mirror is hanged so that one may get proper light while shaving or doing make up.

- One should have an ample space in the bathroom to keep things and that should be in there in a corner of the bathroom. Its better not to choose smooth tiles for the bathroom to avoid slipping of a person in it.

5 .Decorating living room:

As living room is open to the guests so its the place which should look more attractive than other parts of your house. Living room should give a feel of being homely and comfortable.

Following things one may consider while decorating living rooms:

- One should select a theme that may be appropriate and should leave a mark on others when they sit in the room. It may depend on person's favorite color,pattern or style. One can display small pictures on the walls or can have a design on the walls which one may select from the net.

- Always remember its better to have a room spacious. One should keep light furniture if have less space. While fixing place for furniture one should avoid creating sense of clutter by using too much of small things. It all depends on the space if one has lots of space then its better to fill that space with things but again it may be organised enough to look attractive.

- One can use ornamental plants in the room as these does not only increase beauty of the room but also filter the air and give us fresh air to breathe.

- Other things like stylish wall clocks,flower pots,sceneries,picture frames,fancy lighting, mirrors are other things which one may use to decorate living room. As just to have an organised furniture is not sufficient one must have something innovative things which make room attractive.

Most important is one must think of some creative things which makes house attractive. Its not that attractive house look good but our mind too remain relaxed when we live in an attractive house as most of the time of the day we spend in our house so its imperative that one must have a good house.We must try out better things as sometimes things which are for long time may look boring so timely renovating house is sometimes good and makes house better.

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