Management of personal expenses is the most difficult task for a common man. The best way to manage the monthly expense is to reduce or cut down your expenses without affecting your personal standard. Following tips will help to reduce your expenses without causing any harm to your desire and standard of living. 

  1. Cut down your utility bills - This is the most easiest way to start saving your money. We Indians spend lot of money on electric, gas and phone bills.  
  • Maintain the air conditioner by proper servicing it regularly, at least once a year. Proper maintenance of air conditioner can yield up low electricity bills. 
  • Use energy efficient light bulbs and tubes. Although he cost of these bulbs are more as compared to the traditional bulbs, but in long term they end up saving money because these bulbs use two-third less energy.
  • Do you keep electronic devices plugged in even though you rarely use it?  Most of these devices constantly draw small amount of the electric energy which can add up the cost. hence unplug these devices if you rarely use them.
  • The use of other home gadgets like washing machine, iron, TV, etc can be minimized by using them only when necessary. Switching them off when not necessary can save you good bucks. Use washing machine when you have adequate clothes. Don't use the machine only for 2-3 pair of clothes. Cloth dryer needs lot of energy. So instead of using the machine to dry the clothes, let the clothes dry on its own or keep the them under the fan. 
  • If you really don't use phine much then think of saving some bucks by downgrading your phone plans. Use the phone plans that are cheaper and that saves money.  Use something that is free of charge. Phone call might charge you more than whatsapp. Limit unnecessary calls. Don't compromise on necessary calls.    

      B. Cut down your Grocery bills - We literally throw money on grocery shopping and food without understanding how much we could save if we make use of food in efficient way.   

  • Purchase everyday items in bulk. For instance, some people eat yogurt daily so it is best to buy yogurt in larger quantity rather than buying them everyday. Items purchased in bulk cost less than regular ones. Similarly some non perishable food items like green peas,  carrots, beans , etc can be bought in bulk and store in refrigerator for multiple use.
  • Use coupons to save the money on grocery. Lot of coupons are available in the news paper, and sometimes grocery store has sale like buy one get another Free... If you are going to use those things regularly, buy them and store it for further use. For instance, many times you will see the offer from Lays Chips - Buy one large packet get another free. These chips don't expire soon. So you can get them and store it instead of buying them every week with regular price.
  • Do not over use the sale items. I mean some people would eat more chips only because they got it at cheaper price. This can be the disadvantage of sale items.

     C. Save money on Food - Large chunk of money can be saved if you money on food. 

  • Cook your meals at home and avoid eating outside food. Even if you eat Rs 20 worth of food everyday, think in 30 days the cost goes to Rs 600. This is the minimum cost. You could     save at least 600 rs just by eating home made food.
  • Prepare food as per the requirement. Do not prepare in large quantity as this food ultimately goes into the trash. In case if happens to be that over night food is left, make use of that food. Either you can pack it in tiffin or prepare new food item out of that. I remember preparing lot of rice for dinner, however due to some reason we end up eating less, I made various dishes of that the overnight rice like rice pudding, masala rice, and rice pakoda.. Similarly you can make use of overnight food if it is in good condition. 
  • Be creative and start gardening in your backyard or any small area around your house. Vegetable gardening can save lot of money as you can grow vegetables like tomatoes, lemons, bringjal, etc easily. Learn how to store them during harsh weather. 
  • Pack the leftover from the restaurant in case you eat outside. That leftover can be your onetime lunch. 

     D. Save money on transportation - Let's admit that four wheeler is pricey and difficult to maintain. The car insurance, yearly car maintenance, car mortgage, fuel price, and driving in
         the traffic can be hassel.

  • Use public transportation if you have access to it, you could save some money on fuel. In case you need to drive a long distance you can rent a car which will be still minimal in cost. If you live in city or close to a city, public transportation will be an easy choice. 
  • Car pooling is another option. if many family members leave for work at the same time, use one car for everyone, instead of using separate transportation. Also share a ride with someone you know.. Share auto rickshaw is a good choice, as you can share money too. 
  • Use bicycle for less distance work. Just need to invest small amount to get the bicycle, that's it. Instead of using autorickshaw for 5 kms of distance, use bicycle, you will save at least 20-25 rs. Another benefit of using cycle is that it will keep you healthy and fit. 

     E. Eliminate or reduce unwanted habits - Unwanted habits like alcohol consumption, smoking, habit of shopping unnecessarily. 

  • Cigarettes and alcohol are very expensive. Cutting down these habits can save your extra pennies. 
  • Many women like to buy unwanted clothes only because they thought they like it or to make impression on other people.. But never wear them . Why to waste your money on something that you don't want to use?

     F. Earn money by selling unwanted household items - We all save unwanted items in some corner of our house. Sometimes we just throw it off or else keep storing them. 

  • Sell your used clothes , accessories, or household items either online like ebay or sell them off in local stores. You will get some money. 
  • Reuse or recycle the unwanted items.  



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