Happiness is within us but we keep searching it outside as we are not aware regarding its existence within us. We have rather misunderstood it with success and achievements. We feel that if we reach our goal and attain success, only then we will be able to achieve it. In this case, happiness becomes destination and there is no surety whether we will reach it or not. If we fail to reach our destination then happiness may never come to us. Happiness is in fact a journey and we can remain happy in every moment and every second cause it is just a state of mind and is embedded within us. We need not search it anywhere outside.

Happiness is Nothing but an Art of Living in the Moment

Past is history and future is mystery and any thought regarding past or future is waste of time. Instead we should learn to live in present. We have to just do what we have to do without wasting even a single second about the outcome. This is because we do not have a control over outcome. Making efforts is in our hand and we just need to concentrate on that. Everything rest is illusion and whatever comes in our way should be accepted irrespective of whether it is favorable or unfavorable. There is no better time to start being happy than right now. Life is filled with challenges and hurdles and we cannot keep on postponing our right to being happy until we get our act together. We have to just learn to embrace the challenges cause they are a part of journey. Once we accept whatever comes in our way, life will start flowing around these challenges and will make through them. Thinking or worrying about time ahead of now is not going to make our today pleasant. However, living in the moment will teach us that happiness is a journey and thereby we will embrace it and revel in the moment.

Happiness is not a Destination

If some one is trying to find a way to happiness then they have to understand that there isn't any way. Happiness is just an experience which teaches an individual to live in moment and experience everything the present moment offers. Happiness is a journey and journey starts when we take our very first step. To reach our destination, we have to take one step at a time and just cannot take a big leap all of a sudden from starting point to the end point. This is the reason that each step is important and each step counts. We can remain happy throughout our journey and this attitude will make our entire path pleasurable. Reaching destination is the ultimate goal but when we are happy in our journey itself then the journey will seem pleasurable and not seem very difficult to us. All we have to do is accept ourselves, accept others the way they are as well as accept the challenges that come in our way. There is no way to happiness, in fact happiness is the way.

Obstacles in Journey

We keep delaying living our lives cause we do not feel like beginning to live it. We are living our lives but it is not real. We need to learn to live real life. We feel that we have to first settle unfinished businesses, pay all the debts, get our acts together and pass the obstacles. Only after we have successfully cleared all our hurdles, our life will begin. We just do not understand that this itself is life. Obstacles are a part of our life and we have to cross them by living a real, happy life and not cross them and be happy because ahead of crossing one obstacle stands many more such hurdles.

Treasure Every Moment

Time does not wait for anyone. If we do not live in the moment then we are going to lose so much. We cannot keep our one foot in the past, holding on to all those things which bothers us and the other foot in future, thinking about what it might bring to us. If this is the case then half of the time we will dwell in past and the other half spend thinking about  future. Rarely anything we do will make us cherish happiness in our present. Each moment counts and how we deal with present moment and the very next one and ahead of next one will actually decide whether we will ever be able to experience happiness or not.

Happiness in Real Sense

Happiness itself is real and changes its form cause it is present everywhere and in everything. When we allow it to change its form, we save ourselves from being disappointed by the change. It is found along the road and not at the end of the road where journey ends. Cause at the end, everything is finished, nothing awaits and thus need for happiness is today not tomorrow or anytime in the future. Happiness is a spiritual experience and awakening of accepting everything and everyone coming in the way and living every minute with love and contentment. Happiness is not a place where we can travel to or not an object which we can own. It is not a dress which can we worn or food that we can consume. Neither it can be earned nor it can be lost as it is present universally in non-destructible form. Real happiness is embedded within us and all we have to do is stop wasting our time searching for it in outside world. When we stop striving for it, we will achieve it. The more we share, the more it grows.

Healthy Mind Leads to Happiness

Happiness is a state of mind. An unhealthy mind who overthinks and is doubtful can never bring happiness. Deep sense of flourishing coming out of a healthy mind itself is happiness or in other words it can be said that happiness occurs in deep sleep. This is because only that person can be happy all the time who is in a state of deep rest i.e., in relaxed state. it is an optimal state of being. Mind is the one who interprets everything and if it is healthy then rather than making efforts to change the world, it will always change its perspective towards the world and this kind of interpretation will have a deep impact on happiness. A person who constantly tries to judge others and change them as per his wish can never be happy and a person who accepts others for who they are will reach optimal state. Happiness is neither a feeling of being happy nor it should be misunderstood for our good mood or pleasant emotion.

Journey of Happiness

Happiness is an inside job and can only be attained if we bring our thoughts, words and actions in harmony. In this journey of happiness, we need to focus on journey and not on destination as destination is not the key to happiness but happiness is the key to destination. If we are loving our journey, only then we will make it successfully to our destination. In this journey, we will encounter ourselves with innumerable souls and if we share our happiness with them then it seems to double but if we quietly reach our destination without enjoying the ride then we are missing so much in our lives. Secret of happiness is to share it with others and find happiness in others joys. It is more of giving than receiving. Happiness can never be a destination, it is a by-product. We relate it with success and achievements but it is rather much more than how much we possess. It is all about how much we enjoy in our journey rather than worrying about what is stored for us at destination.

How to Achieve Happiness and Enjoy the Journey

Happiness only comes to an individual who has made up his mind to remain happy. When he firmly makes up his mind and does some soul searching, he will realize that he does not have to look for it in the outer world as it is present within himself in abundant amount. Once he discovers this, he will cherish it throughout his life and share it with others. Happiness can be found if a person frees himself from distractions. Opening of all the internal blockage will lead us to the path of happiness. If we start accepting ourselves for who we are in this journey, we will make a great progress and will simultaneously start accepting others for who they are. Instead of longing for possessions in this journey, we will practice contentment in what we have and in this way we do not have to hunt for happiness anywhere else. We cannot buy it from some where, our actions itself leads us to it. It is not a station that we need to arrive rather it is a manner in which we travel and all we have to do is stop every now and then, take a pause and live in the moment.


Happiness is our conscious choice. We will remain happy only if we enjoy journey of our life and not worry about destination. Happiness is made up of small stops and tiny halts which will help us to stop every now and then so that these pauses help us realize how beautiful our journey is. All these will ultimately take us to our destination but we have to take frequent breaks to analyze everything that comes in our way. Simply taking a big leap to reach destination is of no good and also such leaps are so infrequent. If we do not care about these small stops, our destination will not be of any importance at all. Purpose of our life should be to enjoy happiness by living in present and share it with others to see it expand. Living in present will teach us that happiness is a journey and we have to enjoy our ride. We cannot ask for happiness on condition rather we can only discover it if we do not set any condition. Journey can be joyful and pleasant if on journey of our life, we have happiness beside us. Otherwise journey becomes dull and boring and even after reaching on destination we will not feel the way we were supposed to feel. Thereby wisdom lies in fact which teaches an individual to detach oneself from distractions and understand that happiness exists within oneself and also stop searching happiness in some materialistic comfort. We should no longer wait for hurdles to clear the road or until we get our act together cause hurdles are a part of our life and we will hardly find a clear road. We have to understand that happiness is a journey and thus enjoy it to the fullest.

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  1. Aditya tripathi

Happiness is a most important thing of life for everyone.

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