We all have our favorite place and we consider it as our favorite spot because it kind of brings some contentment and comfort to us. We treat that place very differently than other places. This is because it treats us in a very comfortable way. For most of us, that place which calms us down and where we can relax completely is nowhere other than our house. Within the walls of our home sweet home, we can breathe freely and do not have to pretend like someone else. This is what comforts us the most. We do not have to be accountable to others when we are within our homes. Throughout the day, we play so many roles and most of the times pretend to be someone which we actually might not be in our real lives and this is simply because our roles demand us to do so. However, when we are back home, we hardly need to pretend like someone else. We can totally be ourselves and relax on our favorite sofa and couch, drifting away all the anxiety and stress and calming our mind and body completely.


Home is more than a dwelling place

We form a deep connection with the place we live and this will result in forming a strong bond. Home is a place where we live and it means much more than a place which we use to eat, sleep or perform other activities. It is a place which makes us feel good about ourselves. It acts as a strong barrier between us and the external world and this strong shield acts as a protective covering against all those physical and moral disastrous circumstances. It is not necessary that we feel the same about our present living place. It must be our old house or the house in which we have spent our childhood or the one which is in our native place. We all form a deep connection of some sort or the other with the place in which we have spent some time. Most of the times, we form a deep connection with the home which is located in our native land and this is because it always reminds us of who we actually are. It reminds us of our roots.


Home is incomparable

No matter how much we spend on our vacation and regardless of how expensive our stays are at hotels and lodges, they can never bring that kind of comfort and cozy stay which a home can easily provide. This is the reason home always remain incomparable to other stays and at first, one might disagree but the more and more he travels and more and more he moves away from his roots, he will find himself craving for that return so that once again he can feel safe and sound within his home's premises. There can be places which are more beautiful, more comfortable, safer but there can never be a place like one's home which is a bundle of everything ranging from beauty to comfort and from coziness to safe and sound.

Home brings real happiness. We no longer feel like intruders who are trying to invade other's personal space. When we are at home, we can enjoy our privacy and this is what brings the real joy and contentment. We might have visited many beautiful places in our lifetime. But still we find our home which is so small to be better than all those beautiful places and this is because the kind of atmosphere it provides. It relaxes us and rejuvenates us at the end of the long tiring day. We might travel the whole world and still wish to come back to our home sweet home and by this, we can understand how comforting and relaxing it is. We might have slept on the best beds and cushions but still, we enjoy a sound sleep on our old, warm bed and this is because of the connection and attachment that we have developed with it.


Home signifies our roots 

We develop deeper connections with our homes because it might be a place where we have taken birth or have lived our childhood or maybe lived most of our life. It might be a place which actually reminds us of our roots which signifies stability. As soon as the word home arrives, we start collecting so many memories as that place represents peace and tranquility. There is some sort of warmth in it and it is better understood only by those of us who have lived away from it. To earn fortunes, to acquire skills, to achieve better education, people move away from their homes. They get what they needed but at the cost of staying away from home which is a harrowing experience. 


Adventures cannot hold us forever

Some may argue that home life is too monotone. Yes, indeed it is. For this, one can go on some adventures and vacations which will be a new learning experience in life. Seeing new places, meeting new people, facing new hurdles, all add up to the experience list. All these activities create lots of excitement and bring joy and fun. It is a rejuvenating experience to mind and refreshes the body completely. Missing home food and eating out, spending a few days away from home, managing inconveniences of journey whether it is the scorching heat of the sun or drenching rain etc is all okay for a certain period of time until that monotone is broken away. After a certain period of time, this whole excitement of seeing new things and meeting new people wears off and an individual wants to go back to experiencing the same old things and familiar people. He starts to miss his sweet he starts missing that warmth which only his sweet home can provide.



There is no other place in this universe like our home and this is because our home is where our heart is actually. All our beloved family members stay underneath it and all our beloved friends, relatives and others come to meet us over there. It is a place where we do not keep our guards up. It is a  place where we feel that we can express our emotions freely and still will not be judged for our actions or emotions. This is because everyone around us either cares about us or wish the best for us and thus it becomes a place of least embarrassment and total freedom. We feel free to emote and act in a way we want. Without a home, our lives would just be miserable as it is not just a matter of shelter that our home provides to us but it also promises safety and warmth. No matter how brightly fortune favors us and we become successful in buying many possessions, but still, the home will be the place which we will always crave to go back. This is because the kind of comfort and ease it provides, no other possessions can ever provide to us. Instead of taking home for granted as most of us do and consider it to be not more than a pit-stop, it is high time that we consider its value. It is a place not just made out of some bricks, it is, in fact, a place which brings the best out of us and helps us to be ourselves.

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