Life is a journey and in this journey, we need to face everything that comes along our way. Our life will not be a bed of roses and thus it is pretty sure that sometimes it will be smooth, hurdle free and rest of the times, we need to go on a bumpy ride which will be full of hurdles. This bumpy ride will be tough to cross as it tries to disbalance us. Within a short time, we will start having second thoughts and doubts about ourselves as we start doubting our abilities that whether we will be able to carry out our journey forward. It is but obvious that when the journey is easy and comfortable, we don't feel a thing while on it but when the same gets tough, it seems very long and disturbs us completely. It is a test of our patience and will. If we are tough then no matter how difficult our journey is, we will last it, but if we are weak then within no time, we will bow down in front of it and give up everything we have.


Tough times help in learning

Difficulties which we face in our lives are nothing but tough times and during these tough times, we need to make tough choices and make tough decisions. We can neither escape from difficult time nor can we save ourselves from making choices. We have to face what we have to face and we need to make choices in our lives no matter how easy or hard it might seem. If we run away then we are not solving anything and also not able to learn anything from the prevailing circumstances. if we are bravely dealing with them then life becomes easy because it helps our learning process. We get to learn so much when we start dealing with whatever is coming our way. Our decision might be right or wrong, it does not matter. The thing that matters is that we are able to make decisions which will instill in us lots of confidence as we have decided to fight instead of taking flight mode. If our decision proved to be right then we will benefit from it. If it turned out to be wrong then there is no point in getting disheartened as there are tons of things which we can learn from our own mistakes and next time when we come across obstacles, we will be able to tackle them in an efficient way. This, in turn, will help us to increase our toughness. The more and more our toughness increases, more and more it will benefit us and this, in turn, will not allow tough times to last for a very long duration.


Characteristics of tough people

Tough people are optimistic i.e., they always think positive, irrespective of what sort of circumstances they are facing. Situations may be positive or negative but they do not lose hope. They just think about how to positively deal with the whole situation by remaining patient and maintaining calm. They do not lose faith in anything and this kind of attitude has lots of power when compared to negative thinking. They put their hope in a Higher power. This kind of union will help them to take right decisions and they will seek solutions which will be apt for that circumstance. They have an immense internal strength which will help them to find best in every day and best in everything they do. This kind of thinking and attitude is what differentiates them from others and make them tough. They too face many ups and downs in their lives but they have this ability to find best in everything and it will make their journey easy when compared with others.


Positive thoughts increase toughness

Thoughts are very empowering and each thought creates destiny. If we create a thought that we are tough then we will become tough but if we feel that we are weak and not able to deal with the tough situation then even after having a solution in front of us, we will fall short for everything. Such is the power of our thoughts and they can either help us move forward or drag us behind in our journey. It is our choice to create good quality thoughts. It is we who can decide whether we have to create positive, inspiring thoughts or negative, depressing ones. We are the ones who will decide our destiny. When tough times approach us, either we can opt to rise above all the adversity or dive deep down in our misfortune. We can keep on complaining about the tough time that has to strike us but it will be a mere waste of time and will not do any good to us. Positive thinking is the key factor here to become tough and this sort of positive attitude itself will help us feel better in the long run.


A positive attitude is a key to become tough

When we are approached with a tough time, we need to yell at it  "I can do this". Though we may or may not be successful in our attempts, it kind of instills confidence in us. Believing does not mean that adversity will open doorways for us but this belief will give us the strength to face adversity and that is what most important. Trying is important and we are never going to learn if we do not try at all. All we have to do here is to name or list our troubles. When we name it, we name our possibilities. Problems that we face or tough times which we encounter can be related to anything. It may be regarding poor performance in exam or career, unemployment, poverty, marriage, loneliness etc. Once we state it and make up our mind to go through it then definitely we will find a way to overcome our tough time and all this is possible only if we are tough from inside. Our tough time which is blocking our success can only be overcome with our strength and positive attitude. Toughness can turn even a negative situation into a positive one. Irrespective of how tough the time we are facing, we can still fight against it and achieve best out of everything and best from life.


Tough times teach life lessons

When we start dealing with challenges on an everyday basis, we are in turn training ourselves to deal with them in an effective way and also increasing our inner strength. Our strength and toughness increase with each victory. We not only learn to deal with the outer world but also learn so much about ourselves. Tough times are the real times where real people get identified. These are the times when we get to know the real us as well as understand other's real identities. A person who does not want to face tough times and rather runs away from it and gets scared actually does so because he lacks internal strength and is rather weak internally. One who is strong enough to deal with tough times will go a long way and thereby success is certain. Tough times help us to identify ourselves. In the same way, it also teaches us so much about the external world, about the people around us. We then will be able to identify who our real friends are, who will always love us dearly and who will be always on our side, irrespective of whether we are dwelling in dark time or wandering in bright lights.


Focus on goals

We carry our dreams like our backpacks and our goals are our destinations. If we lose our hope in midway itself then that backpack is never going to get open. We need to make it through the whole way. Only when we reach our destination, we will be able to open it and then we will be able to see what it holds for us. If we give up in the middle then it will remain sealed forever and we will never know what it held. We should promise ourselves to keep moving further and to dig deeper because treasure cannot be found on the ground. Treasure is always hidden beneath deeper layers of ground and to uncover that treasure, we should be ready to dig deep. We can neither let digging come to us as an obstacle nor allow it to give us a tough time.


Do not give up during tough times

Tough times do not last forever. Does season stay the same throughout the year? Perhaps, the answer is no. The way season changes, our tough times do change into good times. Sun emerges from the clouds and the pleasant sunshine takes away all the sorrows. Similarly, we too will definitely come across silver lining and there is no need for us to be scared of tough times. We need to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps because this is what tough people do in their tough times. We need to be tough and strong and keep on struggling against tough times. We cannot lose to it, in fact, it has to give up the fight because we do not know how to lose. We have to finish what we have started. When tough times arrive, most of us lose our strength and stop in midway. We have to persist hard enough. We need to build that burning desire within ourselves which does not know to give up or lose.


Tough people defeat tough times

We are not tough in tough situations because we do not make our path as our definite major purpose in life and thus intend to cross it, no matter what happens. We do not make that extra effort and travel those extra miles because we do not take any personal initiative to make our journey successful. We are not tough because we lack confidence, discipline, and self-control. These values make us go that extra mile and help us deal with tough time. These tough times test our patience. Successful people are the ones who are determined as well as patient and therefore keep moving even in tough times because they know that tough time is not going to last long. Tough people keep hanging on while others just let go and thus it is said that never giving up is the key to achieve success. Persistence is nothing but a quality of tough people in front of whom tough time does not last for very long. It is their capability to hang on, irrespective of how tough the circumstances are presented in front of them. No matter how many times they taste the failures and defeats, still their ability to keep going and never quitting is what differentiates from the rest others and helps them achieve success. No matter how much pain an individual needs to face, he should take all the necessary steps to reach his goal. Endurance and toughness come only to that individual who goes on resolutely, even in dark and tough times.


Awaken the internal powers

To tackle tough times, the doubt should be kept aside. One who doubts one's ability does not have strength and confidence. Firmness to cling or hold on tight is essential and only that individual can do so who never gives up or surrenders in front of tough times. Only stubbornly tough people can last in front of tough times and can even remain steady after it has passed. We often doubt our ability but we need to trust that we have in ourselves that inbuilt potential which we always doubted. These powers which were concealed from us actually dwells within us and are ready to come out, if allowed. Once they come out, they astonish us as well as others. We need to make use of these powers and turn them into actions which will bring revolution. These powers remain usually underdeveloped as we do not use them. All we need to do is to realize their importance as well as develop these powers so that we can face the toughest of the obstacles and toughest of the times.We all face tough times not once but so many times in our lives and problems almost on daily basis. Tough times need patience and toughness which will guarantee a solution. If we confront tough time with courage and toughness then it cannot last long but if we do not take any actions then we will not last long in front of it.


Tough times increase toughness

It is good for our own's sake that we find goodness in everything. Hence we have to find something good hidden in our tough times too. We have to just look for that hidden goodness in it. For example, only tough times will help us identify our real, good friends. We value health only when sickness strikes us. Only that person who is trapped in the cage can value freedom. Only when trouble arrives, we learn to become bold. When harshness and pain strike us, we learn to become kind and tender. Tough times when arrive teach us a lot and we if face it with toughness then we are breaking our shell of tenderness and learning to live in the open. If we choose to strike back when tough times arrive, only then we will be able to become tough. Easy, smooth life does not make us strong and tough but tough times does. It increases our ability to last long. It will teach us to never quit, run away but endure.



No one can escape from tough times. Everyone has to face it sooner or later at one point or the other in our lives. However, it is like a season. It arrives and it passes. Tough times do not last long if we choose to stand in front of it. Strong will of ours can fight with any adversity in our life. All we have to do is create a firm determination similar to that of bull-dog as well as instill within us that burning desire. This will eventually do not allow tough times to last in front of us. Sucess does not refer to just achieving something. It is mainly measured by the courage and toughness with which individual has overcome his opposition. If there was no opposition then winning is not a big thing. Fighting with strong opposition as well as overcoming all the odds is important. This struggle itself will be applauded. Higher and higher levels we reach, more problem arises and our problems only end with us. Thus, let us not wish to face an easy life which is free from hurdles but a life irrespective of whether it is easy or tough which we can handle with our toughness.

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