Human life is considered to be the most superior on this planet earth. The credit of all development in technology and advancement in scientific fields goes to this species only. The blessing of speech and complex thinking brain make humans the rulers of planet. It is the knowledge of science that had made a man fly without wings and reach upto moon and universe. The advancement in medical science has enabled people to have longer lives but at the same time due to pressures of ever increasing ambitions and other kinds of stresses have also invited the strain in minds leading to various kinds of depressions and frustrations.

At times people feel dissatisfied among all the worldly pleasures and get themselves trapped in various kinds of addictions that are injurious to their health  Sitting in air-conditioned sophisticated chambers, they do plan incomaprable huge edifices, turn those into reality but still somewhere in a corner of the mind, there is something lacking because of heavy competition that is also rising like a monster.  Everyone wants to be at the top but the top can accommodate only limited quantity and so the frustrations arise.

There is nothing wrong in the healthy competition and hard work to acheive that but one thing which should always be kept in mind is that it shouldn't overpower the feeling of joy and satisfaction in the life.  If this is the case, one must think twice before subjecting himself to the injurious practices  to relieve strain of day to day life.

I will advice such persons to please go out in the greenery for sometime and watch the tiny creatures dwelling on the green leaves, just concenetrate the eyes and mind on those and see how adventurous these lttle lives are. Without any gadgets or modern techno-know-how they reach to the heights impossible for them in comparison to their body and brain sizes and still look so satisfied.


Look at this tiny ant in above picture, how carefully it is treading on the margin of leaf and then imagine how could it reach to the height of the tree to dwell on this leaf. It is not attracted to the glamour of world, none is going to honour it with the medals but still there is seen no frustration or depression in its body language. Doesn't this tiny life teach the importance of  "satisfaction and patience" to win the targets. It tells the importance of stabiltiy of mind to overcome heights of competition.


Now have a look at this tiny beetle in image posted above, it has also conquered the same heights but still looks so fresh and beautiful. It hasn't lost its glamour in the process. These little creatures, tiny lives are inspiring us to feel satsified and kick away the depressions, frustrations.....everything that is injurious to our mind and body. 

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