Since we all are different from one another, we all have different viewpoints and different belief systems. Our perception towards life too is very different. What seems real to us may appear to be fake to others and what seems unreal to us may look very genuine to others. Situations and circumstances appear to be same but the perception is the one which creates the whole different scenarios. We shape our feelings based on our perceptions. We think differently from one another and thus the way we think, we believe, we feel will all lead us to create and shape a different world around us.


Self-awareness is essential

We need to learn so much about life. A person may have lived his whole life and in his last few days when he looks back, he will realize that whatever he learned in his journey was just a part of what all is present in this world. When we just stop and look back, we will soon realize that we have done tons of wrong to others in terms of our deeds or behaviors and have reacted so badly in so many situations where we could have done so much better. Sometimes in our lives, we do very well and other times, we just do not fare well. Looking back will teach us so much in life. We can learn so much from our past, provided that we do not create a guilt or regret sort of feeling. This is what is known as self-awareness. In absence of it, we will not be able to find a bigger picture of life.


Practice detachment

If we need to uncover our life then we should never shut down ourselves. Shutting down means the end. The doors are closed and we have enclosed ourselves in walls where we cannot learn anything and cannot uncover anything. This is more like disengaging oneself. Detachment is good, but detachment does not mean not participating. When we participate, we get to learn so much but detachment means we remain uninfluenced by right and wrongs, by goods and bads. No matter whether we win the contest or lose it, we just enjoy participating in it and this is what detachment is all about. If we do not participate then how are we going to learn so many new and wonderful things life has stored in its lap for us. We should neither try to avoid a circumstance or people around us nor should we try to escape from them. Escaping or sunning from a situation or from people never allow us to evolve. We are never going to learn anything from it. We have to face the situations which may be favorable or unfavorable. We have to deal with people whether we like them or hate them. This will help us to come out of our comfort zone. There is no point in just relaxing all the time in a comfort zone. Circumstances cannot be every time just the way we want them to be and thus we have to deal with them, no matter of what type they are. Everyone around us all the time cannot behave the way we want them to and therefore we just need to get out there and learn to deal with them.


Heroic act reveal the bigger picture of life

It is obvious that we will be very well able to deal with our favorable situations and people whom we like in a very nice manner. There is no doubt about it. But what about another side of the coin. Two faces complete a coin. Both sides are needed or else coin will be considered as of no intrinsic value. Thus, we need to add some intrinsic value to our lives too in order to experience real life. We need to come out of our shelves in a bold manner and with a strong attitude. We have to not disengage but engage in the world and worldly matters. It can bring sadness, misery, troubles but it is also true, it will discover our unrevealed self. To become who we are in a real sense, we need to do this heroic act. Little efforts made are never going to go in vain but they will reward us by letting us see the bigger picture of our life.


Maintain balance in life

Another important aspect is to not hold the space. We have to be present and do everything that we need to do but by remaining balanced. We will see and hear everything but this is just a role we are meant to play. People will appreciate us and some of them will criticize us. Sometimes painful moments will arrive in front of us and other times good moments will lure us. After all, this is what life is all about. We have to stand firmly and witness everything because we are meant to do so by preventing ourselves from getting imbalanced. We cannot take anything personally because this is what we are supposed to do. All we have to do is stand and watch. Observing everything carefully should be our task.


Do not get entangled

Everything occurring around us is not about us and thus we should not take anything personally. We all are at different emotional levels and psychological levels and thus our perceptions are different and thus we all act differently. Every one reacts. Reactions sometimes may free us or our stress. Whatever may be the reason, our reactions are our creativity and we do it for ourselves. If someone shows anger does not mean that it is focused on us. It just means that they need to release it because that is what need of the hour is for them. Let them react and behave the way they want to. We cannot keep entangling ourselves with everyone because then hardly anytime will be left for us where we can understand our story of life. All we can do for them is to accept them for who they are and show them our unconditional love.


Everything is a destiny

Our life should be a balancing act. We cannot engage too much nor can we shut down completely. Creating a balance in everything is very essential. We have to bring love, peace, harmony in ourselves. This will evolve us. We need to relate ourselves and find a deeper meaning for all those events which have either arrived or are occurring in our lives. None of the events occur without any reason. Participating in each of them will help us to evolve as a human being. These events cannot be avoided no matter what efforts we put in. This itself is destiny and since our destiny has decided that we need to encounter with so and so event and meet so and so person then we just have to be ready for everything. Since we are destined, let us participate consciously and stop complaining about everything. We need to inculcate peace, love, and harmony in our personality which are nothing but inner qualities of our soul and then align our personality with soul.


Everything is not about us

We cannot become overpowering always. There is no need for us to dominate the situation and decide for everyone around us. We have just created a fictional world around us and in that world, we feel all the people around us will behave in a certain manner and all the circumstances which are arriving will be in our favor. When this does not take place, it somewhere hits a nerve. We get upset about it. This all is our creation because this is how we see ourselves and the world around us. When something different occurs, it upsets us. We just have to let ourselves loose and we need not take everything personally. Everything is not supposed to be about us. We cannot let people or incidents have an impact on us and especially a negative one. This will happen only if we stop dominating everything and change our defensive and critical qualities into loving and more accepting ones. Once quality changes, we will get through the incidents very quickly.


Just uncover life

Looking at the bigger picture of our life which is only possible if self-awareness is present will help us to become master of our soul i.e., master of our life. Master need not control anything and yet everything gets controlled. This is because he has controlled inner soul and the one who has conquered inner soul need not conquer the outer world. We need to prove our control or mastery. We will be then able to live our life to the fullest. Through our powerful vibrations, we will be able to radiate the same to others. This, in turn, will change lives of everyone who are seeking empowerment. Our every thought, each feeling we create, the way we behave, qualities which we develop etc will calibrate with understanding peace and there will be lots of clarity. No life can be defined as happier than this one where a person knows who he is and where the clarity is at the top spot.



When someone releases some sort of energy not liked by us then our belief gets challenged and we take it personally. Some sort of authoritative power comes inside us and we try to control others as well as the situation. Someone releasing their energy which may be in the form of anger, frustration, irritation etc has got nothing to do with us. This is just an illusion and thus we feel that it has something to do with us and thus we take it personally. This disbalances us. We get entangled in that situation and this is what disbalances us. We do not observe the whole scene as a viewer. Until and unless we do so, we will never realize that why the person is behaving in this manner. Keen observation will turn the whole negative experience into a positive one because we get to learn from it. This will help us to deal with these kinds of situations in coming future and this is because we start getting closer to our original self which is nothing but the original authentic self. The more and more we see clarity by uncovering life, the more and more big picture of life emerges in front of us.

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