The process of thinking is what differentiates man from animals. It is a wonderful faculty provided by God to human beings. Thoughts make the whole dignity of man. Every action beings with a thought. It is the quality of thinking which distinguishes one person from another. Our best friends and ours worst enemels are our thoughts. Feeling of confidence depends upon the type of thought that habitually occupy our mind. Practise thinking of confident thoughts and making in a dominating habit. A feeling of confidence actually induces increased strength.

Well, most of us raises the point that all is easily said than done. True the blows of life, the accumulation of difficulties,  the multiplication of problems tend to sap our energy and level us spent and discouraged. In such conditions the true power is often obscured, and we yield to feeling of discouragement that is not justified by the facts. When done in an attitude of reasonableness, this will convince us that we are less defeated than we think we are.

The secret is to fill our mind with thought of faith, confidence and security. There is no point in regretting the past, and this is what we call positive thinking there is always a way to handle our difficulty or problem. A summarised five steps helps in below:

1.      Thank God, you have difficulties. It is a sign of life.

2.      Learn to step back from your trouble.

3.      Use your full mind power to analyse your difficulties.

4.      Systematically chip away at it, bit by bit.

5.      Make use of the power of the almighty.

With this helpline you can handle difficulty. Positive thinking demands hard work, strong belief, honesty and a keen desire to succeed. Success is available to all of us if we follow the basic principles of positive thinking.


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