Atta curd Kadi........

You might have cooked kadi using curd and besan but not many people cook Kadi using atta. But try this recipe at least once, you will enjoy the taste.


Gehun Atta/flour: three tablespoonful

Salt: to taste

Onion: 3 regular size

Cumin/zeera seeds: a teaspoonful

Curd: 400 ml

Cooking oil: two tablespoonful

green coriander: few leaves

turmeric; half teaspoon

Cooking equipment; A deep fry pan, spatula, Kadai, cooking stove

Chop onion into pieces

Put cooking oil in the deep fry pan

add cumin/zeera seeds to it

fry it till zeera leaves its aroma or goes brown

add chopped onion

fry it a little

then add atta (flour) to it

fry it till it goes brown

add turmeric and salt

now add curd to it

mix with the spatula

and boil it thoroughly

if you like, readymade pakoras and chilly can be added

Garnish with green coriander leaves

serve hot with hot rice










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