One day the sun and the wind met on a hill. They looked down and saw a man coming up the hill. He was wearing a thick coat.  The wind said to the sun, `I am stronger than you. See, I can make this man take off his court.’ `Try it, said the sun and went behind the clouds. The wind began to blow. It blew and blew, and the man felt colder. So, he held on to his coat tightly.  Then the sun came out from behind the clouds and said to the wind: `Now, see how I make this man take off his coat.’ The sun began to shine brightly. The man began to feel hot. It became hotter and hotter. `What a hot day! He said and took off his coat. Then the sun said to the wind, `do not you agree that I am stronger than you?’  Mr. Sun Takes a Holiday It is Sunday morning. Mr. Sun peeps out of the sky. Sun- I do not fell like shining today. I would like to rest. I think I will take a holiday. He disappears from the sky. It becomes dark.  I squirrel- why has it become dark? Where is the sun? How will we look for nuts? II squirrel- I am frightened. Something is wrong. Let is go home.  Both rush to their home in a tree hole. Plant- where is the sun? I can’t make my food without the sun. How will I grow? I will go to sleep.  Pigeon- darlings, it is dark outside. How can I find food for you? You will have to stay hungry today.  Women, men and children stop whatever they are doing. Feeling scared, they rush to their homes. Girl- the sun can’t take a holiday! I have a football match. Boy- what is going to happen now? I want to play cricket with my friends.  It becomes very quiet on earth. Life comes to a stop. However, the snow is very pleased. Snow: now the sun can’t melt me. I can move as like. I will make the Earth cold. Snow falls: it is very, very cold. The water in the ponds, lakes and rivers freezes.  Earth- oh dear, I hope the sun comes back soon. After some time, Mr. Sun looks down to see what everybody is doing. He is shocked. Sun- oh dear! Life has come to a stop! I did not mean to harm anyone. I will start shining again.  Slowly, he comes out. The snow and the cold get scared and go away. The drooping flowers and plants raise their heads. The pigeon leaves its nest to find food for its chicks. The squirrels begin to jump and play.  Men, women and children come out of their homes. The girl goes to play the football match. The boy happily goes off to play cricket.    

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