Everything seemed the same today.Sipping my morning tea and brushing through the headlines,as I was getting ready to finish my daily chores,my relative tells me to switch on the news.Something terrible has happened that has shaken the whole world.Japan was hit by a deadly Tsunami.One of the most devastating event recorded so far.Sitting infront of the television,it was heart wrenching to see houses swept like dirt,trees being uprooted like toys and people scattered.   There are times when we take many circumstances for granted.For us our world is so cocooned that we never comprehend about any other bigger picture than what is seen.It is unfortunate that whenever we are self-consumed in our worlds thinking nothing would happen;reality strikes! The topic needs no introduction as we all are well aware about the events surrounding us.And somewhere,deep down it has touched us all.   The main event that has topped all catastrophes in the past weeks is the Tsunami that had hit Japan.Unfortunate as it was to see a huge tidal wave of immense magnitude to sweep the nation and human life has left both desolate and screaming for help.We as Indian understand that cry,we have been hit by the same tidal fury.A voice in our minds would have also asked why did this happen? And the very next instant our hearts would have also known why?   Japan as a country is not unaware of the impact of earthquakes.Infact it is their being prepared only which has lessened the impact the current event.However they weren't prepared for the Tsunami.Creating all light material houses and earthquake prone material that was used in construction did benefit them to save them selves from the huge earthquake tremors but the same might have bee a disadvantage for them when the tides swept in.In broad daylight,people were swept away.Many engulfed by the sea and killed by debris,some separated from loved ones and lost all and some rescued to safety.   Not only did the nation face severe damage but also the world faces a severe threat now from the nuclear reactors that got damaged and had explosions because of which hundreds and thousands are in danger.Food, water ,soil;everything seems to be contaminated by radiations.Day by day we hear about the situation getting worse and even though the whole world has pitched in to salvage a nation from its worst,there is a lot to be done than comprehended.Who is to blame for a  natural calamity like this?   In the Bible,Jesus mentions a parable.A wealthy man who had a good produce of crops.So much that he had no place to keep it in his barns,he looked upon his storehouse and thought "I'll build bigger stores and then I'll say to myself, "You have plenty of good things laid up for many years. Take life easy; eat, drink and be merry."   "But God said to him, 'You fool! This very night your life will be demanded from you. Then who will get what you have prepared for yourself?' (Luke 12 : 16-20)   We have built the tallest skyscrapers,we believe we have conquered the sea and the space,we believe to know it all.We can forecast what would happen in the coming weeks,coming years almost approximately taking in consideration minor mishaps.We also know that these predictions are not true,why?We think we can know it all,find it all,control it all.Can we? India is still recuperating from the Tsunami in 2004.Japan was still recuperating from the atomic attacks made during the world war. Whom are we kidding? We humans forget we are not so big.Isn't it time for us to wake up as well and understand that we are frail infront of God's power.Aren't we being foolish like that rich man?   The whole world was afraid of a nuclear war and everyone believed nothing would happen if the nations worked it out peaceably.Does it take a Tsunami for us to understand that harnessing nuclear energy is dangerous? Does it take an earthquake to tell us that building tall constructions and developing too close to the sea is fatal?   In our school we read not to mess around with environment as it is a deletable resource.Not to play around with fire and no to go in deep water.Have we forgotten the basics or has the government of nations become so self consumed and obsessed with being powerful that they are ready to play around with common man.We have conquered many things but not our self obsession,our greed our hunger for power.Is human life of no value now?   Hearing this news,somehow I felt that yes,we also are living a lie of being in our comfort zones and we fail to consider any mishap that might change our life.Unfortunately we are very optimistic and sometimes the fear in our heart fades away.We believe in ourselves too much.Even the painful mark of the Tsunami would fade off soon from our minds and thanks to the ICC World Cup the healing process is speeding up.   We need to wake up and respect life.Respect time and fear God for what is going around.We need to wake up from our slumber and pray for the people who risk their lives to save ours.We need to teach our youngsters to understand how frail life is and all luxuries will pass away in time.   Everyday now I do have the same routine,same chores but somehow when the news relays now,life does not seem the same.      

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