In America, there lived a miserly and selfish family. The family was so miser that they used to refrigerate and eat the stale food for a week but never used to feed a poor. After some time, they were blessed with a child. The child was having disability to small extent. His right fist was tied. The parents tried for all possible treatments, but all were in vain. The child's fingers were tightened around the palm. The doctor treated the child and came to the conclusion that, since the child is too young, it is not possible to give anesthesia and operate. Once the child attains the age of 10-12 years, it will be possible to treat him. The right hand of the child was completely useless and the time span given by the doctors for the treatment was also very large. This made the parents very depressed. They finally approached a saint. 



            The saint told them, that he can treat the child and can completely cure him.He said,"Though I am not a surgeon, but I am a wise and honest manand if you have faith in me, then I want to come and stay at your place for one day and treat your child." The couple agreed instantly. As decided, the saint went to their place. He asked the mother to show her gold chain. He took the chain and started moving it in front of the child. The child opened his fist to grasp the chain and in the same fist there was a gold ring of the nurse, who was present at the time of his birth. At the time of the child’s birth, the nurse helped him to come out safely and at that time he has stolen her ring. Now, the chain was more precious and bigger item so he opened his fist to grasp the chain. The parents of the child were very selfish and due to which he got the same up coming right from the mother’s womb. This made him do the selfish deeds from his birth. Any child not onlyhas hereditary traits in him, but the good deeds and mentality of parents, be it good or bad, also has impact on the child.

            The story sounds exaggerating but it represents true situation. Whatever deeds we do are divided in two forms, good deeds and bad deeds. The good deeds are those, which are done with good intention. The result of these deeds should be beneficial and welfare of others. But if the deeds are done with wrong intention and are suppose to cause any type of harm to others are called as bad deeds. If the deeds done by us are good, beneficial and pleasant then it will leave our good impression on the society. Our respect in the social world will rise and we will get satisfaction. In many situations, it is possible for us to shape the deeds by ourselves. For example, if husband and wife are having some differences in their relations, then it is up to them, whether to keep the matter among themselves or to make an issue of it. If the couple keeps the matter confined, their image will not be harmed and they can live a respected life in the society. On the other hand, the couple has to solve the differences among them by themselves. The society will not help them but will only create dishonor.



                 While doing the worldly affairs, wise man should always keep his relations with the other family members limited to him. He should not try to impose his relations, whether good or bad on others. For ex. If a man is not having a fair relation with his brother or sister, but his wife has a very good bonding with them, then in such a case he should accept this whole heartedly and should proudly tell everyone about their healthy relation. Many times we reach the peak of selfishness. For example, many women believe that by eating dry fruits, their husbands and children will have a healthy life but they forget that excessive intake of these items can lead to indigestion. So it is not worthy to be greedy of things, which we do not require anymore

It is not possible to lead a selfless life. Even if we try to do so, the life will be boring and colorless. Practical selfishness is required to deal with day-to-day transactions. Excessive goodness or selflessness can be sometimes harmful. Not a single man in this world can change his fate just by staying altruistic. One should try to do good deeds or help others in a limited and sensible manner. The poor man is never sad and the rich man is never happy. The only difference between them is their financial and social status. A rich man will not eat sweets and rich food for the whole day and fall ill and even the poor will not stay hungry and fall ill The both will eat the required amount of food whenever they feel hungry. Each and every individual tries to remain happy in the present situation and they even get success in doing so. Instead of being altruistic by helping the poor when not needed or becoming selfish by not helping others, will not achieve anything. It is required that one must believe that, I am happy and all the millionaires and billionaires concerned with me are also happy at the same level. When we will realize and accept this fact, it means we have understood the highest truth.        

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