Advanced Technology is now making us very lazy and is making us lose the very charm of life.  We seem to be caught in a very big web of the most ridiculous ways of communicating to each other, and understanding each other.

For example, the sms has now come to denote some of the worst forms of communication.  Hundreds of abbreviations are used and the code languages used between lovers is getting very creative indeed!!

We do not have the patience to write a humble letter and post it someone we love.  The cell phone has taken away this joy of communication.  Not so long ago, may be, just some fifteen years into the past, we had the inland letter, that we all happily used to scribble something, and express our emotions in wirting.  It served as a very effective bond between people and, more so, the family members.

The advent of the cell phone has virtually killed this small thing.  Those who write letters are now considered the worst of the species of the entire generation now, and the elders are repeatedly mocked at, by the younger generation.

This sorry state of affairs has only widened the gap between the elder and the present generation of under 20 people.  It has made communication a very unnecessary evil, and more of a ritual.

We tend to use the cell phone as if there is no tomorrow.  We use it as a liberty to disturb people of all ages, at any time of the day or night.  We do not pause to think what they would be doing, at all.

We do not mind to even find out if the cell phone is fine with them.  The fact remains that many people, particularly those above forty five years and above, are happy to talk over the land line.  They have a big comfort zone here and it is pointless to attempt to change their habits.

Likewise, the younger generation is so much glued to films and film music, that they have virtually become slaves to anything that is high tech.  For instance, they use the smart phone listen to songs and when they do this, their ears are shut, sort of absolutely.  They are not able to even understand the basics of decency and manners, even in public. 

In marriages, they are seen doing the same thing, after a few minutes of exchanging pleasantries with their close friends or relatives.  Once they know that such relatives would not come back to them, they merrily go about hearing such music from their smart phones.  In fact, this has become a bigger headache for the parents who are unable to stop his rather peculiar and highly routine habit of youngsters.

What is at stake is not he mere dissenting behavior alone.  At stake is the valueless and utterly useless attitudes of an entire generation who do not understand the nuances of basic emotions and feelings.

Those who invented such advanced technology devices might perhaps not imagined that so much is at stake.  There are several advantages of such technology, and the correct use, for example, is helping farmers know the correct prices of goods, helping transporters cut down travel costs, helping managers to micro manage situations and save time and so on.

However, the dangerously incorrect use of the devices is putting people to the maximum disadvantage and is hurting the society to the maximum extent. We cannot afford to be so blind to the rather indifferent use of modern technology.

Extremely dangerous trends are noticed with camera cell phones.  Several anti social elements capture women on video and black mail them, with a direct threat that they would expose their details on social media, if they do not obey their wishes to date with them and so on.

When this goes to the extreme extent, the women become mere slaves.  They even commit suicide at some point in time.

Women should be particularly careful in mixing with men.  They should never give their cell numbers and be ever vigilant against men of all kinds.  They should draw a line in social relationships and use social media like face book, only to communicate to the closest of friends.  Only if this is done, can there be proper use of advanced technology.

Face book and all other forms of social media, are simply excellent, but we should rather be careful with those who tend to misuse the facility to do very dangerous things. 

In short, we should never ourselves to become slaves of all the advanced technology.  Physical presence in a function is all the more important, than merely sending sms messages or email messages.  Informality cannot creep in. 

Human relationships are far more complex and display of emotions and feelings and caring and sharing, which had been the most encouraging forms of keeping families in tact and secure, are now under tremendous tension.  We are seeing a very dangerous trend, where the entire lot of the younger generation are becoming slaves to advanced technology.  We should try to stop this from happening.

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