This case is a real-life incident occurred in the life of a plus-two girl who got a chatting friend through face book – an unfortunate incident which made deep wounds in the soul of the girl. A relationship may start in face book through a simple ‘like’ commend and ends with destroying everything.
She made him her chat friend through face book. Certain similarities made them friends within days. Slowly they started chatting through face book. Gradually it extended to chattings for hours. Very soon it slide to private video chats and love. They began to communicate openly and very soon he requested her to meet him private. The girl who believed him completely accepted his request and they met in a hotel. But when he sexually abused her following his friends with his permission, she lost everything.

She returned home late and was totally shocked with the incident.  She didn’t talk to anyone or have her food and keep herself closed in her room. She burst out in anger against her parents even for silly things and very soon, she tried to commit suicide. When she was taken to a psychiatrist she was carrying a thought in mind, ‘Whole world is bad and it’s filled with disloyal and insincere persons’. She was not willing to talk at first and gradually, she revealed everything. Psychiatrists took cognitive behaviourial therapy treatment and counseling and it took one and a half year to bring her back to life.
The boy understood her interests through her profile details and when he chatted with her giving preference to her interests, she fell in his trap easily. Everything was well planned and the teenager failed to understand the real face of her ‘lover’. It’s not the case of a single day or two. Social networks through gives good platform for communication, it has such ugly faces too. Earlier orkutt was the only one and only a few cases were reported. But now, such traps are common everywhere. So, it’s not a single incident happened in some high-tech city. Unfortunately such incidents are now happening in remote villages too, where one can get easy access of net and such networking sites.

Virtual relations that give fake colours

Social networking sites are now considered as the most modern means of communication. But if they are not handled with care they act as sharp knives, enough to destroy everything. Age group 14-25 uses such social networking sites most – says recent surveys.

Its peculiarity is anonymity. We can’t find by any means, who is hiding behind a profile; we can’t even assure if he is a male or female. Age, gender, nation, religion or any piece of information – we can make others fools by providing wrong information.

For some people, online is for bulling. It’s known as cyber bulling where anyone can abuse a person on net. You can ridicule a person joining as a group. No one can respond to it. It’s also possible to criticize him through social networking sites like face book. If teenagers become victims of such bulling they can commit suicide if fail to withstand such a situation. Unfortunately such cases have been already reported.

If you post your personal photos or information, they may be misused. So, it’s better to avoid personal information like address, place name and mobile number in social networking sites. Also think twice before uploading your personal photos, particularly girls.

Fake profiles are high in such social networking sites. Using a person’s images and information several face book accounts can be created and most commonly used profiles belong to celebrities. Most recently a case was reported when a person’s photos and personal information were used to create an account and abuse messages send to his dearest friends using this face book account.

Now let us think a little positive

But if you think positive, they give many benefits too. Such social networks are good platforms for better communication too. If you are less confident in communicating with others face book and other social networks make that task easier for you. If you are less confident in your ideas, talents, thoughts etc you can communicate through proper channels using such social networking sites. By this way you can gain a little popularity too. Such virtual popularity can later give you real benefits in future, if used in proper ways. Through social sites, it’s possible to make friendship with different people of different parts of the world easily. You can choose friends according to your interests too, from any part of the whole. World is communicating broader through such communicating media. We can present ourselves in way we desire before the online world. That’s the reason why business men, politicians and cine stars keep themselves busy with social networking sites.

We can market our business products, online services, blogs and other sites through such sites easily. When we promote our sites, blogs and online services through such sites we are earning money too. So, such social networking sites can be used for transmission of knowledge as well as promoting our services, getting many things in return too.

Those patients who are physically handicapped or mentally retarded can communicate directly with world through an open window. When they are able to find groups belonging to such people, they can communicate effectively to find latest medical treatments and recreation programs for people belonging to such people.

How do they influence youths and teens?

Youths and teens give preference to friendships than anything else in the world. That’s the reason why they are willing to spend hours before such social networking sites. But misuse of time in this manner can affect their studies and social life for sure. They will always remain in a virtual world full of dreams and won’t be willing to come out of it. A world without thoughts of wins or losses, responsibilities, tensions, pressures or disturbances give them a dream effect. If parents have drift or differences, their kids may easily fall in this virtual world. A little communication through social media is really nice, but try to keep it in limitations. If you become an addict of it, it’s not at all easy to come out of that magic world. When kids drift from social relations, constraining themselves to a network world it affects their mental development too.

Hours spend before net never gives any sort of physical exercise and may lead to obesity in future. It may lead to back pain, neck pain and body pain too. Certain nervous disorders like carpal tunnel syndrome affecting palms may be its side effects.

Democracy needed in parenting

With a day break, suddenly if you ask your teenage daughter to shut down social networking sites forever he may not agree. Instead, after taking sufficient safety measures if you allot him a fixed time, it’s the better idea. Make them aware of the hidden dangers behind such social sites. What precautions are to be taken and what are the things to be noted while uploading photos – such instructions should be given to kids in advance. Arrange group discussions and role plays at school regarding this subject. Give responsibilities to kids to find its good and bad effects. Good parenting is equally important and instead of giving him whatever he demands it’s better to be a little democratic in parenting.

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