The L-letter word when comes into ear, the heart starts beating faster and faster, and the chemicals secreting from brain creates a feelings of excitement. Love means mom’s care for a child. Love means kissing beautiful lips for an adult. Love means affection for an old man. Love means helping others for the god.

The meaning of love changes with time. Everybody wants to be loved by others and spread love in this world. Love is essential to live in this world. A child comes into earth because of one night love between couples. We cannot ignore the importance of love in our life.

I am not going to write a philosophical article to earn money. I want to say something about teen age love stories. I am not a Love guru (teacher)!

The teen age period is a crucial period in the life. During this time lots of biological changes undergoes inside our body. The hormonal effect has a great influence on body as well as on mind. Human behavior also changes. 

Can you tell me the difference between school life and college? The answer is: freedom. It’s a freedom to choose career, freedom to build personal image and freedom to live in your own way. When a thirsty heart gets the signal of Love, it runs behind it like a mosquito.

It is a beautiful feeling to spend one evening along sea side with your partner. Kissing each other in the park, sharing an ice-cream and looking into each other’s eye are the most romantic scenes in the movies. This creates the need of having someone special in our life.

Who don’t want to listen the three magical words expressing the love “I Love You”? These three words are the main reason behind all problems. These three words create an illusion of Love in our mind. It is very easy to utter those three words but difficult to carry on that Love.

When we are in Love, we take decision by heart without using our processing unit! Once you get carried away by those emotions, it’s very difficult to control your mind. Many times we make wrong decisions because of emotional attitude.

Love @ First Sight theory easily creates love stories between two young hearts. But do those Mobile love stories last for ever? Is there any commitment for this relationship? Or it’s just for time pass. This theory can never explain these simple questions.

Finally, it depends on you whether to waste the precious time for such short term relationships or utilize this for building your career. Achieve something in your life and fulfill your parent’s dreams.  The God has already created someone for you somewhere in this world!!

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