Since some days every body is talking what will happen in 2012?

WILL Really earth will destroy and we all will die?

some people are saying that in Maya calender there is no date after 21 december 2012 that means Earth is going to be end but after this fact come out some scientists saying that due to weakening of the earth's magnetic fields and the reversal of the poles.Earth may finished after this day.

One film also Released about that and they are showing how world is going to be finished soon, thisreally making fear among people I have seen so many people are not willing to work any more because they think that all work will be fruit less because after 2012 there is no world .

But I do not beleive in all this if something is going to be happened like tis then no one can stop this atleast we all should try to reduce the effect by planting trees and by using less coal and petroleum product so that the core of earth will be safe which is the main reason of Earthquake and thedestructions.


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