Ramesh was a little boy who did not like to get up in the morning. Every morning his mother found it very hard to get Ramesh out of bed. On school days his mother would worry about how he would get ready for school.

 His breakfast was always eaten in a hurry. Often Ramesh left for school with some of his breakfast still on the table.

 His mother would say, `Ramesh. How will you reach school in time?’

He would snatch his school bag and rush off to catch his school-bus.

 One day morning, little Ramesh would not wake up. His mother tapped on his bedroom door and called, `Ramesh, it is time to get up,’ he did not get up.

 His father called out loudly, `Time to roll out of bed, my son.’ Ramesh did not get up.

His brother called yelled out, `Wake up lazy bones.’ But Ramesh was fast asleep.

Now it is getting late, so his father, his mother, his brother and his sister all sat down for breakfast.

 Meanwhile, the pet kitten strolled up to Ramesh’s bedroom and said, `Meow…Meow.’ Frisky the puppy, pushed open the bedroom door, bounced on to Ramesh’s bed and licked his face.

 The parrot from his cage screeched out loudly, `Wake up, my little boy, it is time to go to school.’ But with all this noise, the sleepy Ramesh continued to sleep.

 When, all was quiet, out crept a wise little mouse right up to Ramesh’s bedroom. He crept up to Ramesh’s bed to his pillow and whispered in his ear: `Good morning, little boy.’ Ramesh’s eyes popped wide open. Then the wise mouse whispered a secret into Ramesh’s ear.

 Ramesh got up and yawned. He got out of bed, washed his face and was dressed in a flash. Then he ran down for breakfast, shouting: `Guess who woke me up? …a wise little mouse. He told me a secret. He told me if I knew the value of time I would not waste my time in bed.’

 Ramesh smiled at the family and promised them that he would always wake up in time. That wise little mouse had taught him a good lesson.






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