Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva is known to all Hindu Devotees.It is said that Lord Shiva becomes happy soon when devoted.Shiva is the most kind God among all.When he is called for help he comes very soon and shows miracles to his devotees.

It is said that Lord Shiva has 1008 names.Various names of Lord Shiva are as follows:

Shiv Shankar




Neelkanth Mahadev













Goddess Sati was the first wife of Lord Shiv but she cremated herself in the fire of Havan in his father's house whose name was king Daksh.She did so because her father didn't invite her and Lord Shiva in the Havan.She took it as insult of her husband and sat in the fire.Lord Shiva got very angry when he knew this and cut down the neck of King Daksh .After this destruction life of king Daksh was saved by with the head of goat.In city Haridwar present in Uttar Pardesh,India there is a famous Daksh temple which tells the whole story of this destruction.

daksha sm

Goddess Parvati is the second wife of Lord Shiva .Actually Sati and Parvati are different forms of Goddess Shakti .Shiva and Shakti are same .Shiva has created Shakti.

On the earth whenever people needs the help of Lord Shiva he is always present.Lord Shiva has killed several demons like "Tripurasur" and "Tarakasur". One devotee of Shiva named "Bhagirath" begged for flow of goddess "Ganga" on the earth then Shiva had accepted his prayer and Sent Ganga and to control its high flow Shiva held Ganga in his hairs.

On the time of "Samudar Manthan" by gods and demons lot of poison was churned and everybody was scared due to chances of destruction of world by this poison .All went in the shelter of Lord Shiva to help them and Lord Shiva drank all the poison .Due to drinking this poison,throat of Shiva turned to blue and he became famous with the name of "Neelkanth Mahadev".Now this is one of the name of Mahadev.360-Neelkanth-Mahadev

Ayodhya's king Shri Ramchander had devoted Lord Shiva and conferred his one eye in place of flower to Shiva .Lord got very happy with his devotion and made him the winner of "Lanka's war" known in Ramayana.

Lord Shiva gives wealth to poor.People keep fast on the day of "Mahashivratri" known as a day of marriage of Shiv and Parvati. Keeping fast on this day is of great importance.Those girls who keep fast on the Mondays of Savana month get husbands of their own like.

Lord Shiva is very great and favorite of his devotees.

"Nit name kar prathi path kru chalisa,Tum meri manokamna pooran kro Jagdeesha.

Magsar chathi hemant ritu,samvat chusathaan astuti chaalisa shiv he pooran keen kalyaan"

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