Once upon a time, one person lived in a city. His name is Avudaiyappan. His wife's name is Thangam. He has 3 sons. The name of the three sons are Ram, Raj, Ramana. He sent his sons to Gurukulam (Gurujis Home). In Tamil we usually called as Gurukulam. Guru preached the Gospel for 3 years.  He taught meditation to them. He taught the yoga to them. He taught good education to them. Guru decided to give one test for checking their capability. 

Guruji gave the test for them one day. To go from one place to another place. The location was very close to it. But at that point there were a lot of thorns. All three have to go to that area. The exams given to them. 

The first son knows to do several miracles. So he has reached the target. The second son who best in games. He reached the destination through the long jump. They were both proud of winning.  Third son also knows the two ways. But he did not do this two ways. Slowly began to remove the thorns. They both laughed at him. His hands were cut by thorns. There was blood from his hands. There was a lot of pain for him. But he did not mind. He was very vigilant in removing thorns.

After a long effort he removed all thorns. Now he crossed the path and reached the destination. Both of them were talking to each other that we will win this experiment. Guru began to speak. Guru declared that third son got the victory. The other two were very shocked. 

Guru said "I know that you'll be shocked." Guru said "Third son knows everything." He used to follow the way to remove the thorns. Because thorns will affect the others. That is the reason. He is thinking about others. He removed the thorns. 

But both of you are thinking that your success. The third son only good to lead the normal life. I'll send him home. He has completed his training. Guru said "Both of you will continue your training." The third son went to his father. His father was very excited when receiving his third son. 

After a year of training both of them matured. Now the three sons got the maturity. Guruji was very, very happy about them. Excelled in all the arts. Guru sent them home.  The three sons obey for their  father. All four of them lived very happy lives. Maturity gives happiness to them. 

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