Once upon a time, there was a king named Kumararaja. The king had a good rule in his regime. He satisfied needs of the people who lived in his country. The king wanted to see around the country at night. When he was touring, he saw a servant sleeping. The servant's name was Varun. He got shocked. He wanted to punish him on the next day. The king took the knife from the servant. He kept the paper knife instead of the original knife. Kumararaja returned to his palace. Council convened the next day. 

He asked some criminals to stand in one place. The criminal group stood before the King Kumararaja. The King Kumararaja asked Varun to cut the hand of one criminal. Varun came nearer to the criminal and he took his knife. When he took the knife, he felt that this was not his real knife. He got shocked very much. He was just wondering how to tackle this moment. Then he got one idea. So he decided to implement the idea. 

He said to the king- My knife will cut his hand if he really committed a crime. Otherwise this will not cut his hand. He said  and hit him with the nife. The knife did not cut the criminal's hand because this was made of paper. King released the criminal. The criminal was so happy and he thanked Varun. The king appointed Varun as a minister because of his sharp knowledge. Varun was a good minister and he offered good advice.  

He provided quality advice. King held a very happy life. Both were happy. People in his kingdom were also happy. It is all because of Varun and his sharp intelligence. So be with sharp intelligence and make everyone happy.

Conclusion and moral of the story 

We can converert our shortcoming to advantage. Common sense and intelligence helped Varun. He helped entire kingdom with his sharp intelligence  

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