Once there lived two brothers in a town. Elder brother's name was Kavin and the younger brother's name was Navin. Navin was 3 years younger to Kavin. Navin was romantic type. He was young and energetic. Kavin the elder one was workaholic. Navin finished his higher secondary and joined college. The college was in town. The town was too far from his village. So he joined hostel to continue his studies.

A new girl enrolled in college. Her name was Nancy. Nancy was an intelligent girl. She always scored high marks during exams. She excelled in all arts. She used to help others. After looking at the properties Navin fell in love with Nancy. He did his best to impress her. After a few months ago, she also fell in love with Navin. They went to several places like beaches, theatres, hotels, motels etc and enjoyed the life.

College life was over. They went on their way. During that period cell phones were not used. They could not contact each other. Years passed.  They never met again.

Nancy's father was on the verge of death. He pressurized Nancy to marry during his life. A Friend met him when he was ill. He decided to arrange a marriage of his friend's son with Nancy. She feared the termination of her relation with Navin whom she loved. The circumstances went against her love. Nancy had to agree to the proposal. Marriage was performed. The wedding was simple. The marriage took place in Nancy's house. The bridegroom's name was Kavin the elder brother of Navin.

Nancy never knew that he was brother of Navin. Nancy's father expired. After his death, she went with his husband to his home town where she met his ex-lover Navin. Navin was so sad when he saw her. His girlfriend was  now his brother's wife. He could not bear the pain. He wanted to end his life. When he was going to hang him up, Nancy stopped him. 

Nancy said "Life is a mixed combination of unexpected things. We have to bear it. We have to think that this was the desire of God. You should not do like that again. Accept the fate"  She advised him. He accepted the fate and realized the truth. After that he lived a happy life. He learned the lessons for leading the life.

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