Once there lived a king. His name was paramesh. He had a beautiful daughter. Her name was Rupavati. She was only one child.

When Rupavati was eighteen, the king decided to find a good match for her. He said to his chief minster, I don’t want an ordinary man to be my on-in-law.

Who are suitable who not suitable candidates under are given?

a) Ordinary people run after money.

b) Sadhus and saints have no love of money.

*So I want some young sadhus to marry daughter. Find out the noble sadhus of my kingdom. He should be very young and handsome also. I will give him daughter in marriage and my throne in dowry.


  • Two young men heard of the king’s desire. Their names were Shyam and Kumar. They thought of a clever plan to cheat the king.

Shyam put on the clothes of sadhus. Kumar dressed himself as his follower. They built a cottage near king’s town. Kumar went round the town every day. He would beg food his Guru. He also told people made-up stories of guru’s greatness.

People started coming to the sadhu’s cottage. They brought many gifts, but Shyam never accept any.

The news about this sadhu reached the king and his daughter. They came o his cottage. They placed before him ten thousand gold coins as a gift.

Kumar wanted Shyam to accept this gift. He said in the ear of his friend, ``take this gold. You can’t hope to get more’’

``No,’’ said Shyam. ``If I refused it, I might one day get the whole kingdom and also the princess’’.

And he refused the king’s gift. The princess fell in love with Shyam, for he was very handsome also.

After a few days, there stood before Shyam the king and his daughter. The king folded his hands and said to Shyam, ``Please accept my daughter as your bride and my throne as her dowry’’.

Kumar was very happy but Shyam became serious. He thought for some time. Then he got up and walked out of the cottage.

Kumar ran after him and said, ``doesn’t be a fool, Shyam. Accept the king’s offer’’.

Shyam looked back and said, ``God’s grace is boundless. I only pretended to worship Him, and He gave me a kingdom and a queen. Who knows what he might give me if I become a real Sadhu!’’

And he walked away to the Himalayas.




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