The Bermuda Triangle has always been a topic of curiosity and research. The unsolved mysteries of Bermuda triangle has always been loved by the scientists, readers and the net surfers. The sudden disappearance of ships and planes without any trace have made this region a mysterious part of the world. the Bermuda triangle is located in the Western North Atlantic ocean. The shape of this region is that of a triangle. It is present between the Miami Island on the Florida coast and the other two islands i.e Island of Bermuda and Island of San Juan Puerto Rico. Many people have tried to find out the reason behind the mystery of this triangle and have came out with certain theories including those which indicate the supernatural and paranormal presence. However it cannot be exactly predicted that whether these theories have proved helpful or not in solving the mysteries of this Devil's island but they are definitely interesting and worth reading.

Following are the theories related to mysteries of Bermuda triangle:

1) Human Error:

This theory is quiet appealing since it sticks to the fact that to err is human. Basically the area surrounding the Bermuda triangle is itself very confusing and complicated. There are strings of islands around the triangle which are very similar to each other. This makes it difficult for one to find its way. Also this area has lot of air traffic thus increasing the risk of extreme disaster.

2) Bad weather:

This theory is of quiet practical nature. The Atlantic ocean is very well known for its rough weather, storms and hurricanes. These violent storms causes the ocean waves to rise up to 80 feet high or more. Along with these mighty waves the strong current of gulf stream makes the situation more horrible. Also the location of Puerto Rico trench is the deepest region of the Atlantic ocean. All these consequences together makes such a terribly worst condition for any ship and aircraft that it becomes impossible to escape. And once a ship or plane gets trapped in this situation it sinks so deep in the ocean that it definitely becomes a mystical disappearance without any trace.

3) U.S military base:

The acceptance of this theory is 75:25 %, since it is based on the misdeeds of the extraterrestrials. There is U.S Navy testing base on the Andros Island of the Bahamas. This testing base has proved to be very notorious since many have seen the UFO sightings. It is believed that apart from being a mere testing base, it is a sight where government has built an equipment to communicate with the extraterrestrials. This advanced technology of communication has something to do with disappearance of the ships and planes.

4) Strong magnetic field:

This theory is based on the fact that the Earth's magnetic field is strong in some region. The geographic north and the magnetic north coincides with this place due to which the electromagnetic waves which are normally created below the earth's surface rises to the atmosphere and creates a foggy situation. This formation of strong magnetic field results in vanishing of people in air.

5) City of Atlantis:

It is believed that the extinct city of Atlantis was located near the Bahamas.To mysteries city is still believed to be lied below the ocean. The city was powered by the energy of powerful crystals. The remains of this crystals are believed to create the mishaps by misguiding the aircraft radio signals.

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