There was a strange method of taking a census. Unlike the present times, each and every member of a family had to go a particular place to get his name registered. For purpose Mary and Joseph also reached a school building in the city. The school building was already full and was bursting at its seams. They got some place only it in the stable, where Mary give birth to her first issue, who later on became famous as Christ. At that time Emperor Augustine occupied the throne of Rome and the king of Palestine was a puppet in Augustine’s hands.

Joseph was a carpenter. His son also worked as such for 30 years. But Christ was exceptionally bright from his childhood. He was well known for his truthfulness and honesty even as a carpenter. Everybody wanted to get work done from him. He was also a serious thinker. He started preaching to the people the lesson of kindness, peace, mercy, non-violence and good conduct. He began to be addressed as a messenger of peace, as an incarnation of kindness and a `Mahatma’. He became a mediator and a social reformer. His hands were busy in work but his mind was with God Almighty. As his popularity with the people increased, he began to be an eyesore to the powers that be. The authorities did not like his popularity.

One of the main events of Christ’s life was his meeting with Yahunna. At that time Christ was 30 years old. Yahunna was Jew and used to live on the bank of river Jordan. Christ took water in his hands and got initiation from him. From here started he was his spiritual life. After Yahunna’s arrest, Christ roamed along the banks of the river and preached. He lived in the deserts of Jordan for 40 days. He did rigorous penance. It is said that that a struggle ensued between him and Satan. To gain control over of the mind implies gaining control over Satan. Conquering the mind is one of the biggest conquests. Then he controlled his worldly desire. Ultimately he set about basic reforms in the social order of the world.

At that time the Jews were moving towards a moral decline. They were entangled in various blind superstitions. Christ reacted sharply to his behavior. He brought the message of non-violence to the people. Truth was part of his life. He meditated silently in the mountains and forests and achieved inner power and strength. Legends grew round his name, e.g. he could walk on water, he could heal lepers, and etc. people have a familiar tendency to weave miracles round great men.

Gradually his impact increased. People began to come to him from far near. Initially he preached only among the Jews, but afterwards he started initiating other people into his fold. He loved the poor and the downtrodden and sat with them and ate with them. He was afraid of neither the priests nor the authorities. The authorities smelt rebellion, theism and self-praise in him because he considered himself the son of God.

Christ out towards Jerusalem when he was 33 years old. His admires grew in number but so did his advisories. The latter wanted to punish him and began to hatch a conspiracy. He went to a hillock along with his disciples. Peter, James and John were dozing on the hillock. Christ awakened them saying, ``I wanted you to sleep peacefully but now I will have to awaken you.’’


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