In our country there are different political parties, each state has some local parties and some of the political parties which are spread all over the country.

Mostly nationwide political parties think from the point of view of the entire country and local parties think from the point of view of a particular state.

Issues between Maharashtra and North Indians is a result of that only.

Consider a following case of two people,

Man A - Man A has his whole family to serve from his earning. In his business he can do deals which will be beneficial to him up to a certain extent. He is the local person from his state. He is born and brought up in the same state.

Man B - Man B is single person who is living at some place on rent. He is born and brought up in some other state and he is in the state of Man A to earn more money. He has his family in his own state. He brought few money so that he can start his own business and so he is in this business. When he finds that Man A is offering deals at certain price he can break his price as their is no great deal for him and he will increase his clients as well so he can give lower price and Man A can't do this because he will be in loss and can't afford this loss.

This results in benefit of Man B and Man A is in loss with losing one of his Business Client.

According to Nationalist Political parties this is fine because it is business.

According to Local political parties Man B is taking business from Man A who is more deserving to do this business so they oppose such activities.

I think this will help you know what exactly is going on in Maharashtra. Because of increasing number of other people coming from other part of the country to Maharashtra, local people are suffering in this migration. Political parties both local as well as national should be nation loving but they should improve every state by them selves rather than moving to other states or where they can earn money. North Indian States should open some good opportunities so that their local people don't have to go to different states to earn money.

Government should consider such a incident and think to develop each state individually.

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