I have had many interesting experiences in my school life. I cannot easily forget them. Some of them have really helped to shape my conduct and character.

While at school, I was fortunate to have good friends. I already told in one article Vinod is my best friend from ninth standard. With good friends,  I spent many happy hours. I used to discuss my lessons with them.

While I was in the tenth standard I was not good at mathematics. But my teacher kindly advised me to work hard and I did so. In one examination I scored cent percent. I consider this as my greatest success in my school life.

Once the D.E.O visited our class. He asked us to name the author of a poem. I alone gave the correct answer. The D.E.O praised me. Shall I ever forget this?

I always took a keen interest in the school dreams. Once I played the leading role in a play. I acted so well that I was given special prizes for it.

I always looked forward to the literary association meetings. I never failed to win a prize at the essay and other competitions.

I cannot also forget the pleasant evening I spent in the playgrounds. Vinod and I played football in every evening. We took part in many district tournaments

Such experiences made my school life very pleasant and enjoyable.

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