Organizing Birthday Parties-Some Tips

1.The first and foremost thing is to decide on the date,venue and time of the party.It is always better to conduct birthday parties at home as the congenial atmosphere here can never be felt in hotels.

2.It would pay to to have a rough estimate of the number of persons likely to attend the party.This will help us to avoid wastage of food items.

3.It is better not to spend too much on invitations.Make your children design some cards on their own.It is time to bring out their talents.Your child will feel very happy to see her self design in papers.It is the first step to boost his/her creativity and self confidence.

4.If you have organized the party in some function halls in hotels then don't forget to specify the landmarks and the route map to the location.Also specify the telephone numbers in the invitations.

5.It is good to select a party theme and specify it in the invitations.For example you can specify party themes like "king's and queens","Favorite cartoons","Flowers","Vegetables and Fruits"and so on.The main purpose of specifying party themes is that the children should dress up according to the party themes specified in invitations.It would be really nice to see children dressed up in a refreshingly different manner.

6.It is good to purchase dresses and all other accessories for your child and all other members of the family well in advance.This is to avoid the last minute tensions.

7.It is good to place the order for the cake well in advance.Try to design the cake in a novel way which you think your child would like.

8.Arrange for photography and Video coverage well in advance.

9.Clean the house thoroughly one day prior to the party.

10.Decorate the house with balloons,color papers,wall hangings and festoons.It is good to decorate the house with things that highlight the party theme.

11.On the day of the party,it is good to receive all guests in person.

12.Serve them with a glass of juice or water once the guests take their seats.

13.If more time is available for the party to begin, entertain the children by playing some favorite songs and cartoon CD's in DVD players.

14.It is always good to stick on to the time specified in invitations.Time Management is very important.It should not be a problem to guests who might have come from a very distant place.

15.It is good if your child say "Thanks" on receiving the gifts.It is also good to get blessing from elders.

16.Decorate the cake cutting table with all greeting cards and do not throw it away after the birthday party.Ask your child's friends to share some good things about your child and sign the card.It would really give a pleasant feeling once he/she goes through the cards some years down the lane.

17.Ensure that the knife used for cutting the cake is user friendly.

18.It is not good to scold your servants in the presence of guests.

19.The serving plates,spoons,forks and tissue papers should be kept ready.Allocate a separate table to place these items.

20.It is better to buy small packed drinking water bottles,for economy and hygiene.

21.It is good to serve children with salt biscuits, hand make cookies ,fresh fruit juices and cakes instead of junk food like pizzas,potato chips and aerated drinks.

22.A small playing area can be set up temporarily for very small children.In this way they will also indulge themselves in other activities.

23.For young kids games can be hosted before and after cake cutting.Games that focus on knowledge sharing,oratorical competition and games that focus on a theme can be selected.Games are there for children to enjoy.They should learn some good things from the games.They should learn to share things.Both success and loss should be accepted with the same mind set.

24.Place a clean towel and a hand wash near the wash basin.

25.Have a huge garbage container to collect the waste paper plates,spoons and tumblers. Never leave it unattended.Dispose it immediately.

26.It is good to gift children with some things like notebooks and toys to see happiness on their face.

Hope these party tips are very helpful to you!!!

Some tips to Organize a Birthday Party

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