Frustration is  now all pervasive phenomenon in each and every persons life. The psychological status of mind in which a person becomes so depressed, confused and unable to decide what to do is the main characteristics of this phenomenon. This is affecting the performance of individual on the one hand and the collective productivity of mankind on the other hand. Thus it becomes a considerable and burning topic to be dealt with seriousness by us.

There are various sources of frustration

  1. Setting up of higher order goals that are beyond our capacity and resource limit
  2. Expecting much more from others
  3. Unsatisfied instincts
  4. Incomplete social life
  5. Unfulfilled needs.

What can be done for this? How can we minimise the frustration and its adverse effects? These are very relevant questions who need some answers. Answers that are practical, and easy to follow. Let me site some principles based on the life of great people. Desire is the ultimate source of frustration. in-genuine desires, unrealistic ambitions and unrealistic expectations from others are the main sources of frustration. Buddha said- Desire is the source of all sufferings. Ambitions that are not backed by eligibility and capability fed with real efforts, is also another cause of failure that causes frustration. Expecting the result before genuine deed is one of causes which are responsible for failure in life and that finally leads to the failure. In Srimad Bhagavad Geeta Lord Krishna says it that the person has only riht to work, not to the results, as he expects the results he gets often attached to the work and destined to failure. Attachment to the work or assignments creates much more deviation from ambition and thus gets deviated from the task and plans. A person trying to achieve something also needs to take care of these things and dedicate his deeds and results to his/her god. This goodwill returns to you only.

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